Neuromarketing Web Design: Connect To Visitors Brains In 15 Ways | Ecom Revolution |
Peg Corwin's insight:

Learn how web design can affect your brain when you see these:

 - Testimonials
 - Endorsements
 - Social media shares
 - Social media widgets
 - Trust seals
 - Numbers of Happy Customers
 - Most Popular Best Seller
 - Studies and Stats
 - As Seen in Press Mentions
 - Reviews
 - Plans and Pricing Pages
 - Limited Supply
 - Early Bird Registration, Countdown Clocks
 - Trial periods, free samples
 - Colors and action

It's fascinating.  Click for details and examples.


"Remember, 100% of your target audience has brains. B2B or B2C, lead generation, or ecommerce, it doesn’t matter. Keep those brains in mind in your marketing. And as consumers, we should be aware of how marketers are taking advantage of our own biases."

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Via Peg Corwin