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Ecommerce Website Design For MacGuffins
In film a "MacGuffin" is a plot device that helps move the story. Online McGuffins are expected "cost of poker" design and marketing elements whose absence hurts more than their presence helps. A web MacGuffin's job is to help move visitors on their journey to become buyers and advocates.

Common Ecommerce MacGuffins Include:

* Free Shipping.
* Free FedEx Shipping for premium brands.
* Email subscription boxes with VIP treatment for joiners.
* Social share buttons.
* Satisfaction Guarantee.

While it is difficult to know what any individual site's MacGuffins should be since that is determined by their business vertical EVERY website, without exception, has at least one expected MacGuffin.

Some website categories may have 5 to 10 expected MacGuffins. There are 5 rules for designing websites to create the trust and assurance MacGuffins provide:

* Place MacGuffins where they can do the most good.
* MucGuffins should be LARGE and IN CHARGE in easy to find.
You flaunt MacGuffin convention and "best practices" at your peril.

* Social Share buttons should be ubiquitous and use branded colors.
Create friendly easy to understand policies about things like "satisfaction guarantees" and then NEVER enforce them. 

Writing a more complete post about designing for website MacGuffins now and will share a link on when finished.