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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Ecommies Holiday 2013 Report Card

Ecommies Holiday 2013 Report Card | Ecom Revolution |

Ecommies - Identifying ecommerce trends, rate and review ecom tools and hold annual awards.

Holiday 2013 Awards
First Ecommies Holiday ratings are in. William-Sonoma & top the list in November and December.  L. L. Bean gets "most improved" award from November to December and several trends emerge:

* Free Shipping out and back is trending especially in December. 
* Free shipping all orders is trending. 

* Hiding free shipping behind either codes or triggers is declining.

* Deal of the Day is trending with majors like adding DOD.

* Standard credit card based loyalty programs prevalent. 

* Still many catalog and retail merchandising tactics such as "door busters". 

Ratings report card on Google docs: 

Holiday ecommerce merchandising wasn't very inspired this year. December ratings went DOWN from November. Based on this year's performance ecommerce is clearly in a rut. 

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Suggested by David Arched!

TRAFFIC: 124 Experts Share 168 Tips On Generating Mo Better Traffic

TRAFFIC: 124 Experts Share 168 Tips On Generating Mo Better Traffic | Ecom Revolution |

Step by step, detailed case studies on getting traffic from Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Jon Morrow and many more.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Traffic's Drug
Here is the thing about TRAFFIC. A lot of peple will tell you nonconvertig traffic hurts more than it helps. I'm not so judgementa and it depends on how we GOT the traffic and how expensive it was.

Traffic, by itelf, is a metric of nothing.

Traffic plus conversion (money) plus source, plus content = cool let's do it again realizations. Each of these experts have great ideas, ideas where I like some more than others. Will try to remember to circle back around and pick my favorite 10 GET TRAFFIC IDEAS and why I like them over others.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How Online Retailers Could Use To Disrupt & Win In 2014

How Online Retailers Could Use To Disrupt & Win In 2014 | Ecom Revolution |

Content or Conversion
Ecommerce (B2C) merchants are narrowing the "content marketing" gap with their B2B cousins, but the old left/right brain problem remains. Ecommerce requires a strange synergy between right brain creativity (design, merchandising, visualization) and left-brain science (analytics, metrics, KPIs).  

If you asked me the greatest challenge from my 7 year Ecommerce Director tenure it would be finding ways to win on both sides of the content - conversion Rubicon. 

When we thought we had the content dial just right it would tank our conversion metrics. Each time we thought we had conversion set up perfect our "content" metrics like pages viewed, time on site and bounce rates would disintegrate. 

Finding the tiny balance beam between CONTENT's heuristic benefits (more time on site, better engagement, more Lifetime Value, better quality User Generated Content and more of it) and conversion's MONEY was hellish. To The Rescue
If you run a multi-million dollars ecommerce website and aren't using you’re nuts. There is NO faster content feedback tool than (period, full stop). 

Here are ways I would be using this magic wand of a tool if I was still responsible for more than $6M in online sales yearly:

* Test contest and game ideas. 
* Test Q&A content (most shared WINS a page). 
* Find and empower brand advocates (buzz team).

* Watch competitors like a HAWK (with keyword tool).

* Watch my key brands like a HAWK (also with keyword tool). 
* Ask for help (amazing talent in community). 
* Reward previous helpers with profiles and long thank you notes). 
* Copy's brilliant soft gamification and leader boards.

* Crack the API and find ways to build curation as a "channel" with a P&L, a budget and distinct goals. 
* Partner with the team to find common points and tap their community for "testing before you test" ideas.

* Look to create an uncapped incentive plan with team to weigh, measure and value traffic and conversions from the channel and PAY THEM a % of the action they create. 

This last bullet is worth MILLIONS . Instead of simply thinking about the very cool curation tool I would set up "content curation" as a marketing channel with a budget. Next I would call Guillaume and Marc and ask to meet in SF. 

At that meeting I would pitch a mutually beneficial partnership. Instead of approaching the partnership in a static way I would pitch the team on a more flexible and uncapped arrangement. If the "commons" we create together produced millions projected then gets a sizable "affiliate-like" commission. 

If I were running, or especially B& I would be all over in 2014. is an even better example. When I created in the late 1990s (now gone sadly) RedEnvelope was the cool kid on the block. 

Now is being destroyed.

They can't compete against the User Generated Content of or the scale of Amazon. They are in the middle where NO ONE SURVIVES.

Crack the top of that website and reinvent it with the help of a cool tool like or will reach the point of diminishing return where every order costs more to ship than it makes (ouch). 

If you are developing your ecommerce plan for 2014 and you aren't thinking about LOOK OUT.  


malek's curator insight, December 7, 2013 5:14 PM

An eye opener on striking the balance between content and conversion.. The "How-to" list is worth multiple visits.

Deanna Dahlsad's curator insight, December 7, 2013 8:08 PM

Preaching to the choir here, of course ;)

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

3 Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

3 Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Strategies | Ecom Revolution |

Holiday Ecommerce
Good article on Holiday marketing strategies. Most Ecomerce retailers are putting finishing touches on their plans. I like the way this post organizes RETURN first. Always easier to sell MORE to people who already love you. I would add these tips for returning:

* Ask for advocacy.

* Gamify something.

* Curate something.

* Pad or Phone something.

Find a way to take some direction from your customers. When we ran out of sale inspiration we asked our best customers what we should put on sale when I was a Director of Ecommerce. We got great suggestions and sales. One great rule to ecommerce Internet marketing is when in doubt ASK.

This year I would make it a point to ASK for advocacy, create a game (or two or three) make sure you make your holiday gig MOBILE and curate something of THEIRS to your site.

Inbound Marketing
Some of the same advice, especially the mobile part, goes for inbound B2B marketing during 4Q. Create a cool User Generated Content (UGC) contest and curate content, ideas, comments and visuals from your visitors, customers, advocates and friends.

I wouldn't buy anything NEW during 4Q despite the incorrect belief that MORE can help if numbers start to dip. PPC is a TIMED and REPUTATION activity so double down on what is working but don't buy NEW until after 1.1.14.

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