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Social commerce has the potential to use some of the fun aspects of real-world shopping. Here are a few ways retailers can deliver.


The traditional ecommerce experience normally entails searching on Google or Amazon for the product you want, and then scanning for the cheapest deal. Or maybe it means visiting a retailer’s website and trolling through 575 pairs of shoes to find something that suits your style. But rarely does buying online feel like the enjoyable real-world experience of “going shopping.”


By contrast, meeting up at the mall or wandering a busy shopping district with a friend is an inherently social experience. You never know what cool stuff you’ll stumble across, and those moments are what make going shopping so much fun. These fun aspects are actually transferable to the online world.


Here are the five to focus on.

1. Let People Emote
2. Showcase What’s Hot
3. Ditch the Cart
4. Lead with Mobile
5. Use Data to Fuel Discovery 

Marty Note - My fav is #4.  

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