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Invisible Giant: Why New SEO So Hard To See via @HaikuDeck

Invisible Giant: Why New SEO So Hard To See via @HaikuDeck | Ecom Revolution |
There is a new invisible giant, a giant using 5 "tricks" so the "new seo" is hard and harder to see and understand. This Haiku Deck and Curatti blog post is about how to see the invisible giant. How to win hearts, minds and loyalty online.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Great Earnest Video On Top Of Lousy Internet Marketing = DISASTER

Great Earnest Video On Top Of Lousy Internet Marketing = DISASTER | Ecom Revolution |

Click on the Earnest Edge to watch a great example of awesome video marketing. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Watch Discover The Earnest Edge Video Here 

Good News & #StealThis Video Marketing Tip
The Discover The Earnest Edge video is GREAT video marketing.


The #StealThis is in the editing that alternates between pitch and fun. The outtake feel of the fun INCREASES the overall impact. Wouldn't have bet on that. 

Don't kid yourself; there is some serious money here. The video is smooth, and looks like butter. He can FEEL the money, but the spontaneous feel combined with some of the facts such as tenure of employees and customers creates TRUST, and trust is created FAST. 

The tricky part about video is SENTIMENT is more important than fact. What you SAY isn't as important as HOW you say it. All of those smiles and laughter communicate powerful nonverbal signals directly into our brain. 

SENTIMENT buys your attention. I listed to the fact about tenure because everyone seemed to be having such a good time. That made me CURIOUS and I actually listened. 

The Content Marketing & SEO Bad News
Earnest may not lose many customers, but they don't understand Internet marketing either (and so they will lose customers). Their website is in trouble:

PageRank: 3 (home)

Links In: 39
Page Spread: 400 pages in Google

Facebook Likes: 324
Twitter: almost 2,000

OUCH! (except for Twitter, it is acceptable)

Talk about spending money in all the wrong places. Million dollar video with no content marketing support (blog is a PR1), no community and no campaigns (where is the "join" or "subscribe" form?). 

Diversify or Get Clobbered
Internet marketing is only as strong as its WEAKEST link and there are a passel of weak links on The "tapestry" approach I keep ranting about  protects this kind of under-diversificaiton. Having a GREAT video and lousy everything else is a prescription for disaster. 

Give almost any Internet marketer 3 technical SEO writers who know or can learn the packaging business, a great graphic designer, a platform approach to the code and marketing, some gamification and a budget of between $20K and $50K and those prized "Earnest videos" won't be seen.


Cool that Earnest has such low customer turnover, but very business is an Internet business now. The team that knows and can act on the truth of that statement wipes these beautiful videos off the web. 

I wrote a piece about Why Internet Marketing Isn't What You think It Is a few months ago and this packaging website needs to read it. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Ecommerce, The Next Million Bucks & Diversifying Your Channel Marketing

Ecommerce, The Next Million Bucks & Diversifying Your Channel Marketing | Ecom Revolution |

Ecommerce & The Next Million Bucks
This post explains two critical ecommerce ideas:

* Working in SCALE.
* Diversifying Your Channel Marketing.

Making a million online only takes 10% more effort and money than making $100K so always think in scale. Ask yourself where the next million bucks is going to come from then create a plan to get there (more on the plan when it isn't 2PM I promise).  

The other new ideas contained in this piece are about new marketing channels like the work we are doing on crowdfunding at our #startup  

Diversified channel marketing doesn't get wiped out by the inevitable ups and downs of online channels. When your marketing is diversified you can sleep at night because you have the TOOLS need to recover WHEN (not if) things go BUMP in the night on one of your channels.  

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