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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Added Artist Sara Harvey's (@4theLoveofToys) Knitting Gnome To Tomorrow's Ecommerce via @HaikuDeck

Added Artist  Sara Harvey's (@4theLoveofToys) Knitting Gnome To Tomorrow's Ecommerce via @HaikuDeck | Ecom Revolution |

Designing Tomorrow's Ecommerce Today
Added artist Sara Havey's magical knitting gnome to the fastest "views" Haiku Deck I've ever created (300+ in 24 hours) because it is a perfect example of the New Ecommerce's crowdsourcing and DIY future.

The deck is divided into three sections:
* Current Ecommerce Best Practices.
* Rise of the Social / Mobile Web & Social Shopping.
* Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing and DIY.

Is it possible to create tomorrow's ecommerce website TODAY? Is Sara's gnome knitting? You bet!

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - Curagami

6 Reasons Content Curation Is Your Elephant - Curagami | Ecom Revolution |

Content Curation is the "new marketing" & this post shares 6 reasons curating content should be your online marketing's elephant.

Finding the need to curate content acute as we develop HackHeadphones on Shopify. Why create new content when everything we need can be curated from sources such branded websites (using videos from, Amazon and other "portal" sites.

We are making sure to give credit where it is due and someone might throw a flag, but bet we can negotiate mutually beneficial terms since using content with attribution is closest thing we have to advertising these days.

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Secret Weapons - #: 5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Beyond |

Secret Weapons - #: 5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Beyond | | Ecom Revolution |
Discover the hashtag tracking tools you need to make it easy to create, manage, track and report on social media hashtag campaigns.

Marty Note
I've always felt the #hashtag is a vastly underexploited secret weapon. One reason hashtags have been under exploited for their intense #BI (Business Intelligence) value is tools to easily understand them were lacking.

Not so much anymore as this Social Media Examiner post shares.

Why are hasthags secret weapons? Hashtags are and will always be too "quanty" to become mainstream. No matter how good the tool set you still have to have a math / model geek to help marketers understand implications and form actions.

Imagine a model that understands existing benchmarks well enough to drive a push notification when a tag (and thereby the underlying content) is trending (i.e. its change delta is above some set number). What is the value of being first to surf that social wave?

Could be millions

Problem is wave knowledge rests with the Quants while surfing knowledge rests with marketers. You would think that is a needs based marriage made in heaven.

Not so much since marketers don't know what they don't know and so can't ask and wave smart quants know WAVES not how to merchandise the wave into MONEY.

Trust that our Startup Factory Funded startup Curagami is thinking about how to introduce wave smart quants to ecommerce surfing merchants ( :). M

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6 Top eCommerce Solutions Rated By @Scenttrail & Shared By @moblized

6 Top eCommerce Solutions Rated By @Scenttrail & Shared By @moblized | Ecom Revolution |

How do you build a website and marketplace to sell your products and services? Here are the 5 Best Companies for creating an eCommerce platform and marketplace.

Scenttrail Ratings
We've built stores with three of these five recommendations. Each has its good points and bad. Each is perfect for some and not so good for others. Here are our ratings:

They don't mention this option, but we love the idea of being able to add a shopping cart to any piece of content without paying a big hosting operation like the 5 mentioned. If your ecommerce needs are small and located in social take a look at .

When you are camped on someone's ground THEY will always gain more benefit than you. The chance of a Shopify store outranking is zero. This issue is only a big deal for stores greater than 50,000 Stock Keeping Units and/or greater than $10M in sales. If you think you will eventually sell $10M+ you may want to create your own store / site. If you think it will take 10 years to reach $10M Shopify may be your best bet for ROI and speed. The PAIN comes when you transfer OFF of their platform, but we can discuss that at another time.

Would be our first choice for most small to medium sized ecommerce implementations. The UI is clean and easy to understand. You can be up and running on Shopify in a matter of days. Inventory load is always the biggest pain and they have some ways around that.

Big Commerce
Sounds like Big Commerce fills the promotional hole we felt with Shopify. Most websites aren't very sophisticated in their coupons and promotions. If you are you will find Shopify limiting. Sounds like Big Commerce stepped in to fix the issue. And it can be a big issue since cross talk between offers and coupons can cause a train wreck. If you are sophisticated enough to make free shipping, % off and BOGO offers you may want to use Big Commerce.

I wasn't wild about Volusion, but can't remember why. The security stuff the review mentions is marginally important. If you need highly secure ecommerce maybe they are better, but their inner-workings didn't seem as friendly as Shopify or as promotional savvy as Big Commerce.

Magento GO
I built our Story of Cancer store (now down) on Go and was impressed with the powerful business rules they include. Less than 10% of ecommerce sites need such power, but if you do Magento Go is probably your best bet. This is the power to say on a rainy Wednesday you want the price on yellow tops to be down10% when pared with shoes A, B or C. The cross-sale and up-sale wigets are powerful. The promotion, free shipping and coupons are powerful (once you figure out the convoluted logic and that problem is endemic).

Presta Shop
I don't know this option and am suspicious of FREE. Free is a risk because things go BUMP in the night on ecom sites. If you aren't a techie or don't have a techie working for you its good to have someone to call or email in an emergency like if you are bleeding personal information all over the web (say for an example lol). My concern here would be can the code keep up with needed changes (since how do they make money) and is it secure since security thanks to crazed hackers can be a real moveable feast (and I only meant "crazed hackers" in the nicest of ways so to do or say otherwise risks a "just because" attack, you know the attacks they launch just because they can).

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GORUCK GEAR Visual Markets Ecommerce

GORUCK GEAR Visual Markets Ecommerce | Ecom Revolution |

Marty Note
My post this week is 8 Tips on Visual Marketing from Vogue.. Visual marketing is dominating in 2014. I'm searching for the top 10 visual marketing websites and know GoRuck is going to be one of them.

Ecommerce is difficult. Too much visual and not enough conversion and you can't afford your hosting fees. Too much visual and not enough storytelling and you can't afford your credit card gateway.

GoRuck strikes an amazing balance. Their Pinterest-like grid tells an amazing story. Check out GoRuck and share your favorite visual marketing websites. 

Single BONE to Pick
GoRuck follows a tiny number of their followers. This is a favorite pet peeve of mine. Hey GoRuck if you are reading this Social Media is about being SOCIAL and we can't communicate on Twitter if you don't follow us. GoRuck is sending the WRONG anti-social signal, or a signal dissonant from their "we are all in this together" look and feel. Don't make their mistake, follow worthy people that follow you. If your following is below 50% I would LOVE to hear why.  

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Trends and Strategies For The Commerce Marketer

Trends and Strategies For The Commerce Marketer | Ecom Revolution |
Marketing driven commerce is about engaging your customers whenever and wherever they are. Get started in creating new marketing strategies and optimizing current ones with guidance from these white p
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Excellent ecommerce white paper from Bronto my favorite email marketing tool. Trends include:

* Mobile Pushes desktop to the side.
* Content is KING but focus is Queen.
* Retargeting works but know when to stop.

* Value comes from relevance.
* Beware of ISPs & online services bearing gifts.

* Automation is your friend, but don't forget PEOPLE.

Excellent report especially on mobile and how mobile is changing everything.

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Creating Binge Worthy B2C Ecommerce Content

Creating Binge Worthy B2C Ecommerce Content | Ecom Revolution |

Netflix data shows "binge watching" is up. How do we create content marketing to encourage a binge?

Creating Binge Worthy Content for Ecommerce sites helps master the New SEO, but the process is different than for B2B because:

* B2C ecom content needs more UGC (User Generated Content).
* Ecom content needs to tell great stories fast so VIDEO.

* UGC needs engagement support so gamification.

* Tribal key for ecommerce, so needs to be highly social.

* Don't like to pull attention away from HERO, so selectively visual.

* Need to curate more "binge worthy content" from UGC and social. 

That last bullet demonstrates the core difference. B2C ecommerce is an act of curation as much as creation. Customers trust each other often MORE than the websites they visit. The more UGC an ecom website has the richer it is.

UGC can take many forms on an ecommerce site such as:

* Reviews. 
* Profiles (MyAccount). 
* Comments. 
* Response to contests and games. 
* Review the reviewer (was this review helpful?). 
* Social shares.
* Blog or social commentary (use only with permission as you will have to rake into your website with an Online Reputation Management tool). 

Stories and content are no less important to an ecommerce website, but there are distinct difference in the type of content that will help and not hurt conversions.  


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

6 Tools To Build Unique & Highly Converting Landing Pages

6 Tools To Build Unique & Highly Converting Landing Pages | Ecom Revolution |
Sending all traffic to a generic landing page can be a mistake for ecommerce owners. Remember that shoppers who found your store via paid search are different from those who ...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Landing pages are mostly thought of as B2B capture pages, places relationship SaaS sellers gather names to convert later. A product page is another name for a B2C landing page and tools on this list can help B2C or B2B teams create better (i.e. higher converting) landing pages.  

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SMBs and Content Marketing: 5 Quick Tips ScentTrail Marketing

SMBs and Content Marketing: 5 Quick Tips ScentTrail Marketing | Ecom Revolution |

Five Quick Content Marketing Tips For SMBs
SMBs (Small to Medium Sized businesses) are feeling overwhelmed. Instead of saying, "You Must Know Everything." maybe we should start with five quick tips:

SMB Content Marketing Tip 1: There Is No THEM
SMB Content Marketing Tip 2: Email Marketing With Personas
SMB Content Marketing Tip 3: Blog Q&A Content
SMB Content Marketing Tip 4: Conversations Not Lectures
SMB Content Marketing Tip 5: Have Fun and Create Fun

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10 Ways B2C Content Marketing Is Different From B2B

10 Ways B2C Content Marketing Is Different From B2B | Ecom Revolution |
B2C Content Marketing Laggards Narrow Gap With B2B - New CMI Study and How B2C Content Marketing Is DIFFERENT
You knew the gap between B2C laggards and…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

When I scooped the Content Marketing study showing a narrowing gap between B2C and B2B content marketing it struck me to share 10 ways B2C content marketing is different than B2B. I spent 7 years as a Director of Ecommerce and the last two as Marketing Director for Atlantic BT, a B2B web and software Development Company in Raleigh so can speak intelligently about both camps (one would hope :).

Here are 10 Ways B2C content is different than B2B:

* More User Generated Content.
* More contests and games.
* Less content creation.
* More content .
* More snippets and keywords less paragraphs and white papers.
* More social content less evergreen.
* Visual support important to both, REALLY important B2C.
* Content has to be FLATTER (less linked, less words, more bullets) and more visually support of immediate conversion.
* LESS YOU (website owner) more THEM (community formed around brands or products or your website).
* Money is ultimate judge of success.

You could argue money is the ultimate litmus test for both, but B2C is about money today and B2B is about money tomorrow.

Dennies Bright's comment, October 16, 2013 2:29 AM
PivotPointBrands's curator insight, October 16, 2013 8:56 AM

Nice, succint differences. Each difference could generate a good discussion in itself. On a related note, I've been getting a better understanding of brand journalism lately, and I would say it does not have a role in B2C content marketing because of the short attention span of the B2C audience. 

MaudR's curator insight, October 16, 2013 10:47 PM

Content Marketing B2C vs. B2B

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Great Earnest Video On Top Of Lousy Internet Marketing = DISASTER

Great Earnest Video On Top Of Lousy Internet Marketing = DISASTER | Ecom Revolution |

Click on the Earnest Edge to watch a great example of awesome video marketing. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Watch Discover The Earnest Edge Video Here 

Good News & #StealThis Video Marketing Tip
The Discover The Earnest Edge video is GREAT video marketing.


The #StealThis is in the editing that alternates between pitch and fun. The outtake feel of the fun INCREASES the overall impact. Wouldn't have bet on that. 

Don't kid yourself; there is some serious money here. The video is smooth, and looks like butter. He can FEEL the money, but the spontaneous feel combined with some of the facts such as tenure of employees and customers creates TRUST, and trust is created FAST. 

The tricky part about video is SENTIMENT is more important than fact. What you SAY isn't as important as HOW you say it. All of those smiles and laughter communicate powerful nonverbal signals directly into our brain. 

SENTIMENT buys your attention. I listed to the fact about tenure because everyone seemed to be having such a good time. That made me CURIOUS and I actually listened. 

The Content Marketing & SEO Bad News
Earnest may not lose many customers, but they don't understand Internet marketing either (and so they will lose customers). Their website is in trouble:

PageRank: 3 (home)

Links In: 39
Page Spread: 400 pages in Google

Facebook Likes: 324
Twitter: almost 2,000

OUCH! (except for Twitter, it is acceptable)

Talk about spending money in all the wrong places. Million dollar video with no content marketing support (blog is a PR1), no community and no campaigns (where is the "join" or "subscribe" form?). 

Diversify or Get Clobbered
Internet marketing is only as strong as its WEAKEST link and there are a passel of weak links on The "tapestry" approach I keep ranting about  protects this kind of under-diversificaiton. Having a GREAT video and lousy everything else is a prescription for disaster. 

Give almost any Internet marketer 3 technical SEO writers who know or can learn the packaging business, a great graphic designer, a platform approach to the code and marketing, some gamification and a budget of between $20K and $50K and those prized "Earnest videos" won't be seen.


Cool that Earnest has such low customer turnover, but very business is an Internet business now. The team that knows and can act on the truth of that statement wipes these beautiful videos off the web. 

I wrote a piece about Why Internet Marketing Isn't What You think It Is a few months ago and this packaging website needs to read it. 

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ECommerce's Website Design New Best Practices: What Are Today's Ecom Must Haves?

ECommerce's Website Design New Best Practices: What Are Today's Ecom Must Haves? | Ecom Revolution |

Ecom's New  Best Practices
Better have all of these if you expect to make money online these days:
* Easy To Get Free Shipping.
* Easy To Find Sale Section.
* Deal of the Day (once only now becoming ubiquitous).
* What's New.
* Best Sellers.
* For Him, Her, Kids navigation (if applies).
* An ASK for User Generated Content.
* Clear "WE VALUE UGC" signals.
* Exciting "Magazine-like" content.

Via Tomorrow's Ecommerce: How To Design Tomorrow's Ecommerce Today on Haiku Deck

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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22 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks via @jeffsauer [w/ 5 Scenttrail Favs]

22 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks via @jeffsauer [w/ 5 Scenttrail Favs] | Ecom Revolution |
Your website sucks.I’m sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news, but someone had to tell you the truth.Your website is a crime against humanity, an atrocious abomination, a target for Godwin’s

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great list from a trusted source, Jeff Sauer. My favorite reasons Jeff notes why a website sucks include:

#2. IT teams seek efficiency, marketing teams want traffic. Those two goals don't always play nice together.

#5. Designers are another dangerous group to a website's ability to convert visitors into buyers. Designers are important partners, but have firm ideas about preferences for conversion over pretty pictures and recognize the difference.

#6. You get what you pay for and no free or $10 site is going to sing, perform magic or help your mission critical online marketing much. Don't invade Russia in the winter (i.e. outspend your ROI), but don't think you can get anything worth anything for free either. Expertise is expensive, but you save money in the end because you spend less than  having to redo the same work over and over again and make more.

#11 We've all been to websites where there is no there, there. If you don't have a passion you want to share with the world don't create a website. Remember the web is a huge lie detecting amplifier. If you have cracks the web magnifies them. If you have flaws they are not up there on the big screen. Good news is everyone does, so an honest, passionate and real share has and will always work beautifully online (just not with a $10 designer or your mom's friend, friend).

#14 Dedicated landing pages separates pros from everyone else. Those with more landing pages do exponentially better than those with fewer. That stat may not past Freakonomics muster, but the idea is sound. Create more landing pages dedicated to supporting a single PPC keyword with a solid offer and a clearly visible CTA (Call To Action).

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The Ecom Power Of Widgets via @HaikuDeck

The Ecom Power Of Widgets via @HaikuDeck | Ecom Revolution |
Creating a distributed content network with widgets is a vast blue ocean of low cost, high reward Internet marketing today. Won't be that way for long.
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Why We Are Hiring Great Curators & Your Ecommerce Site Should Too via @CrowdFunde

Why We Are Hiring Great Curators & Your Ecommerce Site Should Too via @CrowdFunde | Ecom Revolution |

CrowdFunde & Content Curators
When we started CrowdFunde, our startup to help B2C online retailers and B2B content marketers know how to use content to achieve their goals, we realized we would need a lot of help. As the tool took shape it was clear the guiding hand of a great content curator would be a CSF (Critical Success Factor).

As we explained on great content curators do three increasingly important things:

* Find next generation of trending content.
* Fit seemingly disparate content into an evolving “jigsaw” of themed content curation.
* Help readers, followers and other contributors understand macro concepts.

I've worked with great curators on and the POWER and PRESCIENCE of that experience is why discovering and hiring 10 great content curators (to start) is one of our most important "Launch Goals".

The cool thing is, in many cases, we may be paying a hard working content curator to do what they love and what they are already doing for FREE. While no one is going to get rich on what our little startup can afford to pay there is a lot to be said for being part of a new company, a company dedicated to helping Internet marketers get to know their customers, be able to talk to and learn from their customers.

If you are a great content curator we hope you will APPLY and share our search with your friends.

Thanks, Marty and Phil



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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Content Marketing and Curation for Small Business!

5 Ways Ecommerce Sites Killing it With Content & Context via @pcorwin [+1 From @Scenttrail]

5 Ways Ecommerce Sites Killing it With Content & Context via @pcorwin [+1 From @Scenttrail] | Ecom Revolution |

A blog about ecommerce marketing, running an online business and updates to Shopify's ecommerce community.

Great Peg Corwin Insight

Creative ways that ecommerce sites are using content marketing:

 - Make how to videos

 - Answer FAQs in clever ways

 - Use photos 

 - Get a blog and be a media outlet

 - Stay in the know

Quote: "Content. It’s the material you create to inspire existing customers and the audience you hope to reach (your next customers are out there somewhere!) Ecommerce sites across the web are taking advantage of content’s power."

If you like this scoop, please consider a thumbs up or share.

Marty Note
When I was a Director of Ecommerce I LOVED #contentmarketing, but it rarely loved us back (lol). An ecommerce site is divided between right brain creative (buy) and left brain engineering (Q&A, content marketing).

The more content we put on a product page the worse it converted. Video and reviews were the single exceptions and videos took some serious tweaking until we got it right (short, product as hero, VO narration, show the product working and bring in review summary from our Buzz Team).

Never forget the first 5 minute video we testing with a hard rock score that was WAY too loud. I could watch conversions tank in real time (advantage of having 14,000 unique visitors a day). That video lasted less than a day, but it taught us to shorten and quiet our content.

Eventually we found a formula that put new life in best sellers and rocketed any product with momentum. Video wasn't a miracle worker. When we tried to rehabilitate a product long gone from the Best Seller list video alone wasn't sufficient.

Big Trend Train Running - CONTEXT
As I was leaving Ecommerce three years ago context was starting to play an increasing rule in the increasingly visual language we needed to speak. Saw a great example of this in the catalog.

The Design Within Reach Catalog features a Food Truck with DWR chairs, shelving and lighting. Amazing how much more interesting these "high design" products looked in a real world setting. is so Bauhaus WHITE it hurts the eyes and the pretension can be a bit much. Buy mixing high and low art the FUN factor goes up 10x and their products LOOKED LIKE something you might want in you home (instead of an operating theater lol).

One of the BIG implications of our visual marketing trend is more relevant context like DWR's food truck meets the Bauhaus two page spread. BIG MISS by DWR for not sharing that print spread online. MISS by Fox Restaurants creators of the wood fired pizza food truck called the ROCKET (picture above) too since a page about their DWR shoot would have earned social shares, praise and UGC (User Generated Content).

A cool food company like should know better!

Via Peg Corwin
Peg Corwin's curator insight, January 26, 10:27 AM

Creative ways that ecommerce sites are using content marketing:

 - Make how to videos

 - Answer FAQs in clever ways

 - Use photos 

 - Get a blog and be a media outlet

 - Stay in the know

Quote: "Content. It’s the material you create to inspire existing customers and the audience you hope to reach (your next customers are out there somewhere!) Ecommerce sites across the web are taking advantage of content’s power."

If you like this scoop, please consider a thumbs up or share.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Content Shock Makes Crowdfunding More Valuable - via

Content Shock Makes Crowdfunding More Valuable - via | Ecom Revolution |
Mark Schaefer's "content shock" says what all content marketers know. Content marketing sustainable. Crowdfunding is sustainable & perfect for New SEO.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Ecommerce Trends for 2014 [ +ScentTrail Note]

5 Ecommerce Trends for 2014 [ +ScentTrail Note] | Ecom Revolution |

Marty (@ScentTrail) Note
As a former Director of Ecommerce I know what trends will be a "must respond" while others are "nice to haves" if time allows. Here is my rating for the 5 Ecommerce Trends outlined by FourthSource:

Wearable Tech - Nice To Have
Sure I would blog about wearable tech and I would make sure whatever I was doing had a large PHONE and PAD component, but turning the battle ship to face the wind on "wearable tech" feels way to premature. Give it a year to let the gems emerge and then MAYBE wearable tech becomes a "must have".

Automation - Must Have
Yeah automation of front and back end processes is critical to ecommerce health. The "ship the same day" banner being thrown down by ebay and Amazon means some merchants may need to look HARD at their 80/20 rule (80% of most websites volume comes from 20% of their products) and create faster delivery options for the 20% especially to their VIPs. 

The other "automation" trend I see in 2014 but not mentioned here is front end dyanmic presentation based on predictive modeling. We can't keep batching and blasting the same content to every one. Use of personas and segments combined with dynamic zones, zones you fill based on what you know about the visitor either from their "new" or "returning' status, a cookie you previously planted or their behavior. Websites must act more like email with relevant information getting to the right group faster.

Tablets and Mobile - Must Have
The discussion of tablets and mobile misses the mark a tad for me. Biggest issue is how we ARCHITECT information now. Content needs to become a series of highly visual "rich snippets" held together by a flexible map of tags, interconnection, glue and chewing gum (lol). Mobile is a revolution not a thing, so think Mobile First in 2014.

Oliver Jäger's rap at the end is essential:

"In a day and age where information and connectivity have become an indispensable part of a modern lifestyle, it’s not just bricks-and-mortar retailers that need a new strategy. Online retailers are increasingly also having to adapt to the new multichannel, information-rich reality.

What this means is that in 2014 we’ll continue to see more and more retailers moving into the content space. Modern consumers are much more demanding and sophisticated, expecting their shopping experience to be a holistic and comprehensive one. "

Right on Oliver!  

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Story Of First Give Guide & Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs One Too!

Story Of First Give Guide & Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs One Too! | Ecom Revolution | Give Guide
The linked post is the "inside baseball" story of how a local free print publication created the first Indy Give Guide ( ). The "Give Guide" is way to help local nonprofits raise funds and it is content, social and ECOMMERCE gold.

I am writing almost a bog post a day about the Guide and driving social links to our Story of Cancer Page ). Every Ecom Director's ears just perked up (lol).

Cause marketing done right rocks social maketing and an Ecom merchants register like no other conent marketing. The give guide is cause marketing done right because:

* Low cost, Big Reward (traffic, brand awareness, SEO).
* Emotionally resonate especially at this time of year.
* Focused altruism that builds a strong network of contributors for future years.
* Helps first and figures out money later (perfect for our Thank You based economy).

If your band, company or website hasn't figured out how to create something as cool as the Give Guide steal the idea and mashup a great and related list of nonprofits in your business vertical.

If you sell HVAC you might create a guide based on your customer's favorite charities. If you are a B2B agency ask your customers who they give to and mashup a guide from those connections.

The GiveGuide is a great example of how a little creativity and the right altruistic idea can make a HUGE difference in your Website's authority and SEO AND it helps local charities feed hunger tigers and cure cancer so that is cool too :).

Story of Cancer Foundation page on GiveGuide

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Ecommerce Is Expensive – CrowdFunde To The Rescue

Ecommerce Is Expensive – CrowdFunde To The Rescue | Ecom Revolution |

CrowdFunde knows ecommerce is expensive and a highwire act if there ever was one. and show the power of tapping crowd wisdom for product development but why stop there.

CrowdFunde is a new tool, a tool that helps ecommerce merchants tap crowd wisdom to lower costs and increae profits.

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People Are Not Numbers

People Are Not Numbers | Ecom Revolution |
Have you ever heard about how the Walkman came to be? It’s an interesting story – during the 1980’s it became really popular for people to walk around with boom boxes on their shoulders, playing music.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

There is a great line in this post about why The Walkman succeded because Sony asked WHY people where doing what they were doing instead of just trying to sell them one more thing.

The hardest thing any marketer does is shut up (lol). Sony proved the value of the right question at the right time. What is your "question strategy", something that should be a subset of your content strategy.

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Why AnswerHub Rocks Ecom SEO

Why AnswerHub Rocks Ecom SEO | Ecom Revolution |
AnswerHub gives you the power to create themed, scalable and customized knowledge sharing Q&A communities that are fully integrated with your infrastructure...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

After a year of investigation I came to a conclusion. The MOST over subscribed under published content is Q&A content. There is an infinite waterfall effect in Q&A too. No matter how much you make it can be more. The demand is that great.

There is an art to creating Q&A content. One off content isolated from each other pales compared to the juice you can create by developing a Q&A silo. Better yet, don't. Hire my friends at AnswerHub to help you whitelabel a Q&A solution FAST on their servers.

Normally I advocate moving content inside your stack, but AnswerHub has figured out how to move juice you create in your white labeled Q&A silo coming 100% to YOU. They don't curate a Google-juice socialism I do advocate in other circumstances (when you control the platform).

No in the case of your Q&A hub some good old fashioned seeding and the right architecture makes all the difference. Oh, btw AnswerHub has built in gamificaiton because, as Google proved with Confucius, Q&A without incentive doesn't work.

Want to raise your topline ecom revenue in this content is king post Panda world? Fastest, cheapest way I know to do that is add Q&A content and AnswerHub is the best tool I've found to do that.

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