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Marty Note
When an experience is so LOUSY apps like TrueCar are invented so we can avoid it those perpetuating the fraud must ask themselves what is wrong with this picture. In fact, the picture is upside down for car dealers too.

Car dealers don't make any money when you buy a car. The car dealer's profit is in the RELATIONSHIP. The tiny amount of money they make from selling a new car is dwarfed by the money they make from servicing your car.

This means cars are really SUBSCRIPTIONS.

If a car is really a "service subscription" why can' I negotiate the subscription instead of the purchase of the car? Why doesn't my Nissan dealer GIVE me a car in exchange for my legal promise to have them care for it?

Car dealers are selling THE WRONG THING. They think we still think about cars the way our parents did - cars as extension of self. Not so much anymore. Cars don't define us, but modern life is difficult without them.

Let's put aside the big question about why our lives depend on gasoline powered cars and ask the startup question - why isn't someone reinventing the car business based on what we really need - service. The "car facts" we should be researching are how much does car X cost to maintain vs. car Y. The "subscription" we should be buying is based on the car's "up time" and costs per mile of use.

I'm sharing True Car in my Startup Revolution Scoop.it as a call to startup arms. Surely someone reading this note can see how easy, profitable and doable turning an entire category on its ear would be? Why aren't we giving cars away free and negotiating the subscription that matters? Hope someone reading this will pick up the torch.

re: costs of owning a car $9,000 a year