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Burn Your Website Down: Disruptive Ecommerce Meetup Tonight

Burn Your Website Down: Disruptive Ecommerce Meetup Tonight | Ecom Revolution |

Disrupt Or Die
Sorry you are too late. You won't be able to win the tactical warfare my team and I did. Your ability to create meaningful differentiation with tactics is over. So BURN YOUR WEBSITE DOWN. 

Not literally, but we need to SHOCK Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) into an important realization - it's BLUE OCEANS or ELSE. Why bother putting up a 4 page site no one will care about, share, link, like love or think about ever again after they've visited once.

Instead of wasting your TIMEM and TREASURE why not BLOW UP what you think you should be doing, discover blue oceans and create lasting competitive advantage. Costs are the SAME, but one has the shelf life of a May Fly why the other may just provide the ROI needed to do the next cool thing.

You know were we would VOTE and if you are going to miss Exinent's Ecommerce Meetup in the Triangle of North Carolina tonight you can play catch up with our Haiku Deck. ;

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Marketing Master Class: Know Thyself - YouTube

FedEx Ecommerce Summit
Will be presenting the New Ecommerce to about 100 Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Atlanta at Georgia Tech on 4.16. Here is the agenda:

* Know Thyself (video notes done).

* Ask the right ?s.
* Share Thyself.
* Ask for Help.
* Favorite Tools.

We are working on video notes for each section.
Find the Ask For Help: The New Collaborative, Curated, Community Ecommerce Haiku Deck Here:

Find Know Thyself Marketing Master Class video notes here:

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The Running of the Red Bulls - How Curagami Scores Help Understand Who Is Winning & Why

The Running of the Red Bulls - How Curagami Scores Help Understand Who Is Winning & Why | Ecom Revolution |

Curagami Score & Ecommerce
At our Startup funded startup Curagami we’ve created a new “super metric” called a Curagami Score”. We combine 11 different metrics from pagespread (number of pages in Google) to inbound links. We also have a few proprietary metrics such as LEI (Link Efficiency index).

Once you know a site’s Curagami Score its possible to create an ecosystem combining ANY website. Once you have an ecosystem you can compare even the most unlikely sites. Why would you want to create such a comparison? Because it’s interesting and informative to know who is “winning the day” in online marketing.


I created Curagami scores for websites from Red Bull to Schwan’s wondering if we could learn even more lessons from the master brander Red Bull (see my Curatti post Red Bull Branding Lessons).

Once we created Curagami scores for six different websites we can add them up and compare the share for each. The pie chart, from my Connection: The New Ecommerce Haiku Deck, shows the results.

One easy deduction? If Zappos and the other Ecommies on our comparison list were to adapt a more Red Bull-like branding approach their online “castles” would grow stronger faster. Zappos was closest the running of the Red Bulls but still a distant second. Look how completely Red Bull dominates their space.

Monster is so far away from Red Bull they won’t catch up in this lifetime UNLESS they disrupt instead of trying to copy and “be like” their bigger brother. Now imagine you knew your Curagami score and your competitor’s. How helpful would it be to know where you are winning and losing online?

Funny, that’s what we were thinking.

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We are ALL App Builders Now - 35 App Building Tutorials Videos & Appification of Ecom

We are ALL App Builders Now - 35 App Building Tutorials Videos & Appification of Ecom | Ecom Revolution |
Whether you're building an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook or cross-platform app, this superb selection of tutorials will help you on your way...

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Appification of Ecommerce
About a year ago I purchased a new MacBook Air. Seeing how my new laptop related to the world much like an iPad with apps and an app store was a revelation. Apps will rule the world. 

This trend is why we are all app builders now and these tutorials are a must view. The trend toward apps is more than you think. A few days ago I shared a Haiku Deck about the future of web design 3.0 ( 

 I missed the appification of everything. Apps, the widget-like shrinking of code to Lego blocks, form the core of mobile programming. Since mobile is taking over the smart move is to "appify" everything. 

This means thinking of websites as interconnected blocks responding to each other and our visitors in real time (as described in the deck). Best demonstration or analogy for this fluid app future is MIT's David Merrill explaining Siftable at TED .

The way Siftables related to one another (they are aware other Siftables are present and have a desire to connect if code expressed as a toy can have desires) and link in order to create a sum is greater than the whole universe is a great way to think about the New Ecommerce. 

The new ecom is location agnostic (capable of converting anywhere at anytime and with the merest snippet of Siftable-like code), socially self aware (capable of pulling friends and their influencers into the equation) and appified (small Lego-like blocks snapped together to meet specific needs). 

Sometimes we will snap in the predictive analytics block sometimes we might now. Other times we will want the social share block other times not. Design, in this Siftables-like future, becomes a series of WHAT IF conditions and testing, always testing. 

Going to be fun and why it is a GOOD idea to become an app builder.   


Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 15, 2013 9:38 AM
Go for it Carla. You can save a lot of $ and time by preparing like programmers / designers. These tutorials should help do that.
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 16, 2013 7:05 PM

If you want to put your personal brand in overdrive, learn how to develpp aps. Not as hard as you think and pays huge return. 

Ricard Garcia's curator insight, September 7, 2013 2:51 PM

Creativity, creativity, creativity

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Beginning of End For Big Box Retailers? Kimberly-Clark Tests Ecom

Beginning of End For Big Box Retailers? Kimberly-Clark Tests Ecom | Ecom Revolution |
Kimberly-Clark tests ecommerce options Warc "We're seeing significant growth in the online channel through our retail partners," Adrian Percival, senior manager of ecommerce at Kimberly-Clark UK, told Marketing Week, "and we're determined to win in...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, apparently big brands are takign the "publisher' thing seriously and are adding ecommerce and a direct buy component in Europe. Should P&G and a few other major consumer products goods retailers follow it will take a big chunk out of the Walmart-itization of the world. 

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Ecommerce: 30 Must Master Tactics Infographic Explained via @Scenttrail

Ecommerce: 30 Must Master Tactics Infographic Explained via @Scenttrail | Ecom Revolution |

Ecommerce is changing fast. This Scenttrail Marketing post shares and explains 30 "must master" to win ecommerce strategies and tatics.

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Why Brand Ambassadors Are CSFs (Critical Success Factors)

Why Brand Ambassadors Are CSFs (Critical Success Factors) | Ecom Revolution |

Why Ambassadors Are CSFs
If you don't have an Ambassador Program you need one. Ambassadors are brand advocates who want to JOIN your brand. Remember Faith Popcorn's quote?

People don't BUY brands they JOIN them.

At our marketing tools startup Curagami we are learning why the creation of an Ambassador Program right from the start of a website's life is so critical. This link shares success one of our clients, is having with their Ambassador program.  

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Mapping Customer Journeys vs Process Design: Know the Difference? | MyCustomer

Mapping Customer Journeys vs Process Design: Know the Difference? | MyCustomer | Ecom Revolution |

“Why are customer journey mapping and process design so important to the customer experience - and how do they differ? Andy Green explains. (Customer journey mapping vs process design: Do you know the difference?”

Via Pramod Mathew
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

When I read Dov Seidman's book HOW: Why How You Do Anything Means Everything "customer journey" wasn't something anyone talked about. I love that we are talking about "customer journeys" now  and this post helps distinguish between process engineering and mapping a hero's journey.

Pramod Mathew's curator insight, March 22, 2014 11:55 AM
Designing optimal customer experiences requires a deep understanding of the customer's motivations, desires, expectations of outcomes, and inclusion of emotion in the design. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a good people-centric tool for designing these optimal experiences. CJM can be leveraged to understand the customer journey from the start to the end for what the customer considers a successful and satisfying/reinforcing outcome. CJM does not try to manage every customer type and every touch point, only the eighty percent that matters...sufficient enough to describe what is happening and why. By remaining high level it does not constrain individuals and functions from adapting to differences in customer types, motivations and needs; rather it provides a framework for functions to work within in order to deliver the customer experience. Just as important as enabling a seamless journey is managing the emotional engagement during the journey, which can engender long term loyalty to the company, brand or product. CJM can bring emotion into the conversation by systematically understanding what/how we want the customer to think, feel and say at the end of this journey.
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Klout Business Portal Launch Is Gunning for Brands - Fortune Tech

Klout Business Portal Launch Is Gunning for Brands - Fortune Tech | Ecom Revolution |
The social scoring startup is making a play for business users with new enterprise features that begin rolling out today.

Via Rami Kantari, Osama Abulhasan
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

About time. Perhaps, and I am saying just perhaps, this will quiet down some of the nonsensical Klout bashing that goes on. Any metrics that helps understand the social web better is a GOOD METRIC. 

Intriguing Networks's curator insight, July 1, 2013 6:38 AM

Klout has been edging along with social analytics and scoring for a while now and now rolling out it's enterprise features. I wonder if they have as yet gripped enough serious social afficionados for this to work?

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 1, 2013 9:23 AM
I think Klout scores for brands could work since there is no definitive way to connect top of the funnel (traffic generating) activities to bottom of the funnel conversion. Klout becomes a de facto standard where perhaps nothing else provides an accurate look at the importance or trends within Social Media Marketing. I wrote a piece not long ago about why Klout matters and most of that logic applies to grands and companies as well as individuals.
Michelle Gilstrap's curator insight, July 2, 2013 12:14 PM

Some consumers still don't understand Klout, but if you are a business, you need to understand it and know how to use it.

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Storytelling Done Right Can Do The Selling For You

Storytelling Done Right Can Do The Selling For You | Ecom Revolution |
I selected this article from copyblogger because it delivers, it's simple, straightforward and right on the money!


Here's an excerpt:


"I believe a story can potentially carry the entire sale for your product, even if everything else is technically “wrong” in your ads


** no clear call to action

**lame bullets

**weak offer


For example:


"Nothing in the movie "Top Gun" told you to buy Maverick’s brand of sunglasses or join The US Navy. Yet, the movie “sold” both products to hordes of people.


**So, how do you apply this to your marketing?


1.  The personal story

This is one of the most common landing page stories.


**This one is simple — you just “walk” people (step-by-step) through a painful problem you went through and how you achieved the result your readers are looking for.


2. The historical story


**This kind of story is extremely persuasive, contains nothing even remotely resembling “hype,” and can persuade people to buy things they otherwise might ignore.


3. The “meet the guru” story

**This one is related to the personal story, but it’s got more “pop” due the built-in credibility it gives you.


**These suggestions have proven to produce results, he gives more examples......


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Storytelling, Social Media and Beyond"


Read full article here:  []

**** Recently appalled at how little copy was on maor ecommerce sites I was reviewing this articles seems prescient and important. Marty

Via janlgordon
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