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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Easy To Use Ecom Payment Gateway: Know One?

Easy To Use Ecom Payment Gateway: Know One? | Ecom Revolution |

Single Item Ecommerce
One of the reasons I'm so excited about Bitcoin as infrastructure (see this Scoop: ) is the real possibility of adding single item ecommerce.

Why is single item ecom so important?

One of the last big castles owned by abusive middlemen is the web's payment gateways. is a pain. Such a pain small single item ideas can't generate ROI. Problem is BIG IDEAS often start as tiny ones.

This means the block to setting up online commerce retards innovation, slows ecommerce / social synergy and makes product development and testing harder than it needs to be.

Sure you can use a scaled "print on demand" site such as Zazzle or Cafe Press, but NOT if you want to print on something other than currently supported media.

What if we want to sell our Cure Cancer cycling socks? We don't want to go all the way to a shopify store since that feels like overkill. We want to put up a Facebook image with a little story and a payment gateway or throw a link into a tweet that does the same.


Or can we and I just don't know about it? I looked into and problem there is they use THEIR cart. Linking to the cart I saw six months ago with limited white label capacity would be like shifting the link OF OUR OWN PRODUCTS across an affiliate link.

I took a look at earlier today and will put in our routing information and EIN numbers when I get home. If anyone knows of a great single item ecommerce engine that allows enough customization that the cart looks like YOU and isn't a holy PAIN in the you know where to create please share.

Bitcoin, while intriguing, is at least a year away from any kind of easy installation and use (at least). Need a an easy to use payment gateway by Christmas or these trips to Ohio are going to break me (lol).

More on G+:

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 #MustSteal Ecommerce Tricks From REI You Can Use THIS Holiday Season

5 #MustSteal Ecommerce Tricks From REI You Can Use THIS Holiday Season | Ecom Revolution |
From backpacking to cycling to staying in shape and more, outfit your outdoor activities with the latest gear, clothing & footwear at REI.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

5 Must Steals From REI
Here re five easy steals from that will increase your Holiday sales:

* Red DEAL or SALE button Far Right.

* Deal of the Day (you can put this anywhere).

* Loyalty Program (there are canned ones you can install).

* Trigger Point Free Shipping (below Login).

* BIG Search Box Next to logo.


Red Deals Button is aware that the right side of a website can be a gutter. If you use the F design idea, and they do, and watch eyetracking you know you can manipulate a visitors eyes with things like a long horizontal menu bar. Since everyone clicks on DEALS puts it far right and in a somber red (to match their black menu bar).

Deal of the Day's is above their footer in the middle (another potential gutter). DEAL shoppers will find that link no matter where you put it, so put it in a potential gutter and you convert "dead space" to ROI positive with a simple graphic and idea. At this time of year and with social media being so HUGE if you don't have a great Deal of the Day lined up you will suffer at the hands of the's.

Loyalty Program
I hesitated to put this in since installing a loyalty program can feel like invading Russia in the winter. Don't let it get that way. Buy a canned and simple loyalty program or create some easy way to reward your most loyal shoppers. If you can't get your website loyalty together by the holidays use your "Multi-Buyer" segment and serendipitous give them something no one else gets (via an email). Find your 80/20 rule (20% of your customers will do 80% of your sales) and REWARD the 20%.

Free Shipping Trigger
When I was a Director of Ecommerce my boss was so skeptical and worried about Free Shipping I had to do extensive analysis and tests. Here is what we found:

* Free Shipping Triggers are always exceeded by 40% or more.
* Free Shipping beats no Free Shipping every time.
* Make sure your Shipping Schedule is PRESENT and easy to understand.'s $50 Free Shipping probably produces an Average Order Value (AOV) of just under $100 (or more). Remove the objection (shipping costs are seen as a "don't buy" objection) and your buyers will buy. Interestingly all orders, all shipments FREE SHIPPING didn't always win. Seems Free Shipping is related to BUYER PSYCHOLOGY so some friction actually helps, some hurdle may help buyers feel special.

Big Search Box
My theory is's menu system is so complex they have to have great internal search. Even if your navigation is perfect expect half of your customers to want it their way (by using search). If you want to get really cool make sure you are merchandising your search sets with either faceted search or dynamic zones (zones you fill with content based on behavior or modeled analytics).


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Suggested by Andy Geldman!

EASY is OVER in Ecommerce [+ Scenttrail Note]

EASY is OVER in Ecommerce [+ Scenttrail Note] | Ecom Revolution |

New Ecommerce Marty (@scenttrail) Note
I love this post sharing tips from a handful of ecommerce experts. I might fall into that category too after a 7 year tenure during which teams I managed made over $30M in online sales.

Our AOV (Average Order Value) was never more than $62 so hundreds of thousand of transaction. When I was hired the site's sales were below a million. When I left annual sales were over $6M.

Those times weren't EASY either, but they are were in comparison to now. Now ecommerce is complicated by:

* Increased competition.
* Muddled channel marketing ROI strategies.
* Social Media.
* Mobile.
* New SEO.

Add all of those new pressures together, all discussed multiple times in the linked post, and the inescapable conclusion is "easy" is OVER in ecommerce.

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