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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

New SEO - The Catalog Challenge

New SEO - The Catalog Challenge | Ecom Revolution |

Friends run a great online women's apparel store. This post discusses 5 tips to help aligned their store with the new SEO including:

1. Great First Person About Page.

2. Adding Cross Sale (to help with inventory fluctuation).

3. Create Content Silos (to help with New SEO).

4. Use and Pinterest (great visual merchandising tools).

5. Content Contests (to generate UGC).

These tips could work for almost any online #ecommerce retailer since engagement is the new black in terms of post Panda and Penguin SEO.  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

The NY Eyeglasses Merchant Backlash: "Bad Merchant" Rankings Later This Year

The NY Eyeglasses Merchant Backlash:  "Bad Merchant" Rankings Later This Year | Ecom Revolution |
Had a bad experience purchasing from an online merchant? Google says it wants to protect searchers from that, and it may crackdown later this year with changes intended to prevent bad merchants from ranking well.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Semantic Problem

When The NY Eyeglasses website showed up a weakness in Google's algoritm, that Google can't tell the difference between good and bad rankings, they moved to crush HIM. 

The Problem Remained.

If you missed the story a brazen website in NYC was horrible at customer service on purpose. They wanted the rants against them since those rants on review websites helped push their SEO rankings through the roof. They would achieve top rankings when the juice-rich bad reviews poured in.

The eyeglasses website found a seam in Google's lack of semantic understanding. A link, in the current Google world, is valuable no matter what the semantic context. Google landed on this fool like a ton of bricks by chaging their algorithm FOR HIS WEBSITE proving when you mess with the bull don't talk about it in the New York Times. 

Google may close this loophole later this year as Navneet Panda's amazing algorithm begins to UNDERSTAND the difference between good and bank links or the sentiment behind them. 

Merchants with bad reviews beware. 

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