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Let’s get started with our step-to-step guide for creating SEO landing page (that converts!


Step 1: Set your landing page goals
Step 2: Develop Search Personas
Step 3: Create content with search personas in mind
Step 4: Arranging the layout of your SEO landing page
Step 5: Keep the most important element above the fold
Step 6: Use Pictures to Boost Conversions
Step 7: Make Use of Videos
Step 8: Be persistent with your call-to-action
Step 9: Leverage Testimonials
Step 10: Use Heatmaps to easily identify the focal point areas
Step 11: Write effective headlines to drive traffic


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Marty Note
Don't usually think of SEO "landing pages". Usually use "landing pages" to describe where paid traffic lands, but the distinction is lost when traffic and its origins are becoming as murky as it is now. Semantics aside this ariticle is full of some of my best tricks including personas, pictures and CTAs (call-to-actions).

Via Agostino Caniato, Katia Frolova