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New E-commerce and a Video Game Steal - Curagami

New E-commerce and a Video Game Steal - Curagami | Ecom Revolution |

New E-commerce
New E-Commerce and a Video Game Steal says e-commerce merchants should steal customization, collaboration and community from video game developers and explains how. 

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Story Of First Give Guide & Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs One Too!

Story Of First Give Guide & Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs One Too! | Ecom Revolution | Give Guide
The linked post is the "inside baseball" story of how a local free print publication created the first Indy Give Guide ( ). The "Give Guide" is way to help local nonprofits raise funds and it is content, social and ECOMMERCE gold.

I am writing almost a bog post a day about the Guide and driving social links to our Story of Cancer Page ). Every Ecom Director's ears just perked up (lol).

Cause marketing done right rocks social maketing and an Ecom merchants register like no other conent marketing. The give guide is cause marketing done right because:

* Low cost, Big Reward (traffic, brand awareness, SEO).
* Emotionally resonate especially at this time of year.
* Focused altruism that builds a strong network of contributors for future years.
* Helps first and figures out money later (perfect for our Thank You based economy).

If your band, company or website hasn't figured out how to create something as cool as the Give Guide steal the idea and mashup a great and related list of nonprofits in your business vertical.

If you sell HVAC you might create a guide based on your customer's favorite charities. If you are a B2B agency ask your customers who they give to and mashup a guide from those connections.

The GiveGuide is a great example of how a little creativity and the right altruistic idea can make a HUGE difference in your Website's authority and SEO AND it helps local charities feed hunger tigers and cure cancer so that is cool too :).

Story of Cancer Foundation page on GiveGuide

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Concours Artskills x Headict

Concours Artskills x Headict | Ecom Revolution |

Via TotalMad
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love this presentation and plan to do something similar for Going to share this with my brother Drew (head of merchandising and product development for the store.

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The New Ecom: The Poetry of Material Things

The New Ecom: The Poetry of Material Things | Ecom Revolution |

Art Of The New Ecom
Doesn't this cool Tumblr feel like a new cool store? That is because it has an artists visual approach combined with a merchant's eye. Beautiful and strange like the new ecommerce :).

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, March 21, 2013 10:34 PM

SoLoMo Nightmare

I came home to see water seeping into my garage from my house. A leak in a downstairs half bath has done some serious damage and may be doing more now (if it is in the wall). 

I look for a plumber stating with Angie's list. Bad Experience because the search algorithm is stiff and pitching a strange set (probably those paying the freight to be at the top). Every plumber has an A review and putting in people I know about was only a fifty fifty shot to find anything at all. 

 Where Is The BEAUTY? FUN?
 I'm confused. We've got Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and looking for a plumber is a hair's difference from using the yellow pages. I moved from Angie's LOST List to Google and Yelp reviews. 

If Angie's LOST List seems rigged and inauthentic Yelp and Google have no scale. I tweeted and asked friends on Facebook if anyone knew of a good plumber. My friend Kate saved the day with a great recommendation.


I Want A New Drug!

Here is the problem in my head we are already working in the predictive real time of Web 3.0, but the reality of this brutal plumber search makes me wonder why an army of startups isn't thinking about social reviews like the one Kate just provided. 

Social reviews can be very brief because they come from such trusted sources (friends). Kate should have been rewarded for her immediate and high quality thought. Instead her great idea disappeared into Facebook's either. Where is the tag cloud when you need it? 

I Want A New Drug!

Call me crazy but the process of finding a plumber should be beautiful. I'm using this beautiful Tumblr feed again, the Poetry Of Material Things to point out that a sad truth.

The problem is US. We lack the imagination to mashup scaled systems to produce, reward and scale a reviews / recommendation engine that provides beauty, immediacy and support. Why? Because we can, because we HAVE a new drug called the Internet. 

If you are a startup or so inclined and have already spent some mental cycles on this let's grab lunch. If I can't fund you I know people who can. Tell me the story of how looking for a plumber can be beautiful and fun and you have the proverbial million-dollar idea.  

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Reduce Cart Abandonment - Steal This Simple Idea From Poster Print Factory

Reduce Cart Abandonment - Steal This Simple Idea From Poster Print Factory | Ecom Revolution |

StealThis: Got The Best Deal Page
Car abandonment drives ecommerce teams crazy. People get to the last stage of your checkout see the "coupon code" window and leave to look for coupons. This idea is so powerful made a business out of giving YOUR traffic coupons at checkout.

Poster Print Factory put up a simple page that said, "If you are a new customer we automatically apply your new customer discount. No need to look for coupons, you have the best deal." That is BRILLIANT since it brings customers RIGHT BACK to you with confidence.

Be careful about your page title, but you should win coupons as a search AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A PAGE like this one. Brilliant simple marketing. And change your page title to include coupons and promo codes and guaranteed you will win the search since Post Print has a generic title and they win.

If you have a "promo code" box its an IMPLIED promise. When you explain the promise in a relevant way, in my case for new customers, you win and cart abandonment goes down.

When I was a Director of Ecommerce every .5% reduction in cart abandonment was $1M bucks, so this is one of those areas where TINY differences can mean big money. If you have a promo code option in your checkout make sure to have a page that explains your coupons your way instead of handing your traffic over to

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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5 #MustSteal Ecommerce Tricks From REI You Can Use THIS Holiday Season

5 #MustSteal Ecommerce Tricks From REI You Can Use THIS Holiday Season | Ecom Revolution |
From backpacking to cycling to staying in shape and more, outfit your outdoor activities with the latest gear, clothing & footwear at REI.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

5 Must Steals From REI
Here re five easy steals from that will increase your Holiday sales:

* Red DEAL or SALE button Far Right.

* Deal of the Day (you can put this anywhere).

* Loyalty Program (there are canned ones you can install).

* Trigger Point Free Shipping (below Login).

* BIG Search Box Next to logo.


Red Deals Button is aware that the right side of a website can be a gutter. If you use the F design idea, and they do, and watch eyetracking you know you can manipulate a visitors eyes with things like a long horizontal menu bar. Since everyone clicks on DEALS puts it far right and in a somber red (to match their black menu bar).

Deal of the Day's is above their footer in the middle (another potential gutter). DEAL shoppers will find that link no matter where you put it, so put it in a potential gutter and you convert "dead space" to ROI positive with a simple graphic and idea. At this time of year and with social media being so HUGE if you don't have a great Deal of the Day lined up you will suffer at the hands of the's.

Loyalty Program
I hesitated to put this in since installing a loyalty program can feel like invading Russia in the winter. Don't let it get that way. Buy a canned and simple loyalty program or create some easy way to reward your most loyal shoppers. If you can't get your website loyalty together by the holidays use your "Multi-Buyer" segment and serendipitous give them something no one else gets (via an email). Find your 80/20 rule (20% of your customers will do 80% of your sales) and REWARD the 20%.

Free Shipping Trigger
When I was a Director of Ecommerce my boss was so skeptical and worried about Free Shipping I had to do extensive analysis and tests. Here is what we found:

* Free Shipping Triggers are always exceeded by 40% or more.
* Free Shipping beats no Free Shipping every time.
* Make sure your Shipping Schedule is PRESENT and easy to understand.'s $50 Free Shipping probably produces an Average Order Value (AOV) of just under $100 (or more). Remove the objection (shipping costs are seen as a "don't buy" objection) and your buyers will buy. Interestingly all orders, all shipments FREE SHIPPING didn't always win. Seems Free Shipping is related to BUYER PSYCHOLOGY so some friction actually helps, some hurdle may help buyers feel special.

Big Search Box
My theory is's menu system is so complex they have to have great internal search. Even if your navigation is perfect expect half of your customers to want it their way (by using search). If you want to get really cool make sure you are merchandising your search sets with either faceted search or dynamic zones (zones you fill with content based on behavior or modeled analytics).


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Everything You Wanted To Know About ECOM But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Wanted To Know About ECOM But Were Afraid To Ask | Ecom Revolution |
Building an eCommerce Website: What You Need to Know Building an eCommerce Website There are few things more exciting than starting an ecommerce website and be(...) (RT @VinsDomainscom: Building an eCommerce Website: What You Need to Know

Via Mike Doherty
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great post for anyone new to ecommerce. As a former Director of Ecommerce I recommend reading this article before opening a store. I made a comment about adding a paragraph about the importance of internal merchandising via cross and up sale and internal search, but the emphasis here is perfect, in the right place and in the right priority. 

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