On November 25, 2013 Vancouver Chinese Drummer (Maple Drum Team, Richmond BC) Easter Shi (aka Summer Tian) asked her boyfriend Bobby to marry her during their 3-day stay at Bowen Island's Rivendell. On December 27, 2013 Easter separated from her husband, to live with Bobby, "the rest of her life". Her husband lured her back to his apartment at #209, 8680 Laurel St., Vancouver. The husband took away her cell phone and would not allow her to leave. Her husband allegedly convinced their son, UBC dental student Joe Tian, and his girlfriend Christine, to be accomplices. At 2:30pm, on December 28, 2013 Vancouver police rescued Easter Shi from her husband who would not let her leave his apartment to return to her boyfriend Bobby. The police officers protected Easter on her return to Bobby. Vancouver Police file #213656