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earn money with your website with an new IPO concept
A Newfound Means to Invest in the Web Revolution with your Website

Ranktrader introduces a share market for websites. From now on, there's a new way to commit in a web business without the need to possess or operate your personal website. By inspiring from the known theme of a conventional stock market, Ranktrader has produced a modern market for the purchase and selling of digital shares, or vShares, of a website.

This brand-new market operates the same way as a traditional stock market, letting investors to purchase vShares in a website. The value of those vShares ascend and fall down with the success of the website. This idea permits individuals to invest and earn income from the success of a website without having to possess or engage on their personal cyber property.

Today we come across numerous web entrepreneurs capitalising the simplicity of making an online property and earning money from advertisements, web marketing, ecommerce or only blogging. It's a rising trend and a novel area to gain revenue. It looks simple on the surface to make income online, but there are many behind the pictures work. Writing, socializing, and search engine optimization (SEO) all take time and effort. Any booming online entrepreneur will state that it requires time, endeavour and technical power to develop a prosperous web business. Not everybody has the ability to commence a successful web business, but every one of us is aware that there are numerous folks out there who are starting successful web businesses. We are in the middle of a web revolution and investors prefer to jump in.

The team at ranktrader knows that there are a lot of people out there who are interested to invest in this online revolution, but may not get the support of an Angel backer. These investment chances shouldn't be limited simply to the wealthy ones and those who have friends inside the industry. Thus they made a market that lets individuals to register their web properties and sell virtual shares in their websites.

Ranktrader gets hold of conventional concepts from the share market, making it a system that is familiar to investors to memorize. Their marketplace permits a single investor to invest in an online property the same way as though they might invest in a business in a conventional share market. They then have an opportunity to contribute in the achievement of their favorite websites.

The ranktrader marketplace is presently in beta screening stage and will before long be open to the public. However, anyone interested can gain a head start learning of this fresh investment opportunity by requesting for an invitation to join the Ranktrader beta. This interesting novel idea will be costless to fiddle with till the public inaugural and the starting of "actual" listings.
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RankTrader - The First Stock Exchange for Websites • BlogDum

RankTrader - The First Stock Exchange for Websites • BlogDum | earn money with your website with an new IPO concept | Scoop.it
RankTrader is a new venture for all website owners and traders to take part in their own activity by doing trading. Let's review RankTrader.
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The Value of Ecommerce & Website Credibility Logos

The Value of Ecommerce & Website Credibility Logos | earn money with your website with an new IPO concept | Scoop.it

I've noticed these on various websites before however I hadn't really realize why they were there. Now I definitely know the importance of having them on my site and where I can find them.

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you can now also quote your website on ranktrader

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