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ESL Past Tense Regular Verbs Pronunciation Rap Song Free ColloClass Lesson 3 with Fluency MC! - YouTube

FREE lyrics at official website: http://www.colloandspark.com/ The best way to learn to pronounce regular verbs in the past tense is the three Rs: Relax, Rep...

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Teach Copyright Basics with a Cool Interactive Tool

Teach Copyright Basics with a Cool Interactive Tool | EAP Presentations | Scoop.it

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אחת הבעיות האתיות במחקרים היא לשמור על זכויות הכותבים. הבעיה אקוטית במיוחד לאור אוקינוס המידע הקיים ברשת

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Good academic writing – it's about revision not editing

Good academic writing – it's about revision not editing | EAP Presentations | Scoop.it
Creative writers are accustomed to the idea that their writing must go through several drafts. However, much of the advice on offer to academic writers proceeds as if all they have to do is produce...

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Don't edit. Don't edit. Don't edit. Revise. A great post from one of my favourite bloggers. If, like me, you're struggling with your own academic writing, this will come as a wake-up call. As EAP teachers also, however, how might we best bring our international students to an awareness of this essential facet of good writing?

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The Presentation Planning Checklist - Free eBook

The planning stage of your presentation is crucial but too often presenters don’t know where to start and don’t follow a clear process. This planning checkli...

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Una presentación muy sencilla con los puntos más importantes a recordar a la hora de preparar e implementar una presentación

Marisa Maiocchi's curator insight, March 25, 2014 6:51 AM

Muy buen resumen de las cosas que hay que tener en cuenta a hora de hacer una presentación efectiva, para un auditorio sin ojos cerrados ni bostezos!

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Documento recomendado para hacer presentaciones decentes (Muy buenos tips).