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MAP: Here are the countries that block Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube | #eDemocracy #censorship

MAP: Here are the countries that block Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube | #eDemocracy #censorship | e-Xploration | Scoop.it
Turkey is the latest country to block Twitter and YouTube, but it's not the only one.

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On Thursday, the Turkish government blocked the country's access to YouTube, after banning Twitter earlier this month, in an effort to quell anti-government sentiment prior to local elections on March 30. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that social networks are facilitating the spread of wiretapped recordings that have been politically damaging. The YouTube block reportedly came about after a video surfaced of government officials discussing the possibility of going to war with Syria. The government officially banned Twitter after the network refused to take down an account accusing a former minister of corruption. Twitter is challenging the ban and a Turkish court overturned it on Wednesday, but it's not yet clear how an appeal might play out.

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with #full.stop we prefer the color green. It stands for open, effective and efficient communication Red is #scary

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Bloqueo de las redes sociales por países

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A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money : NPR

A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money : NPR | e-Xploration | Scoop.it

We've reshaped the United States based on where superPACs and other outside groups spent their money to air political ads aimed at influencing the presidential election.  The result?  One weirdly telling map.

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