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Overview of WORDij WORDij is a family of various programs designed to automate content analysis a substantial amount. The software runs on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac 32-bit and 64-bit, and Linux 74-bit OS. WORDij runs very efficiently and therfore is fast.This is because the basic tools are written in C++ and optimized considerably. Java is used only for the Graphical User Interface. The suite can run data files as large as 550 megabytes with 8 gigabytes of RAM on a 64-bit machine. Small files with only 10s or 100s of documents can also be effectively analyzed. Files analyzed are in UTF-8 format, so the programs can handle languages with graphic characters such as Chinese or Russian. WordLink, a program that moves a window through text to count word pairs, is proximity based, and therefore is more precise than "bag of words" programs. By using an "include list," the opposite of "drop list or stop list," networks among the included words only can be analyzed.. For example, a list of persons' names can be entered and news documents or meeting notes can be run to find the network of persons based on their co-occurrence closely in texts such as news stories