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Professional Online Spanish Courses: educational platform developed for children, teenagers and adults. With access to materials, online libary, forum and blog. Converstation with Spanish native teachers from Spain. More info: Website:
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Scooped by Sonja Hartemink e-learning Spanish!

Tanger » AsilahVentures

Tanger » AsilahVentures | Online Spanish Courses |

Just a few kilometres from Spain, set between Mountains and sea, a miniature paradise awaits the traveller, a shimmering white city framed by the brilliant blue of the skies above, the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean, and the blue green of the Mediterranean. At the crossroads of seas and continents, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and Europe meets Africa, stands the city of fTangier, its face turned resolutely towards the sea. There is something altogether unique about the town, something impalpable, indefinable – a sense of freedom that hangs in the air.


Trips to Morocco:

Sonja Hartemink e-learning Spanish's insight:

The city has worked its magic on so many over the centuries, drawing artists and intellectuals, conquerors and beatniks, millionaires and eccentrics. This is the city that invented globalization. Tangier is above all an atmosphere.


Trips, activities and excursions to and in Morocco, also trips from Spain to Morocco:


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Scooped by Sonja Hartemink e-learning Spanish!

Trips to Morocco » AsilahVentures

Trips to Morocco » AsilahVentures | Online Spanish Courses |

We as Morocco Specialist organize tailor made trips to Morocco. For (small groups) and for the individual traveller. With us your trip is in good hands!

Sonja Hartemink e-learning Spanish's insight:

With our combined journeys that are tailored to your needs, you can experience all that Morocco has to offer! Morocco is an excellent destination for a fantastic holiday. Morocco is based in Northern Africa is but a stone's throw away from southern Spain.


It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country from the tales of a Thousand and One Nights, it is a truly magical and fascinating place, with beautiful cities like Marrakech and Fes. In addition, Morocco is blessed with a sunny climate.

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