E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability
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E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability
How website usability affects e-marketing
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Scooped by Michelle Dutrisac

Use Graphics Wisely to improve Website Usability

Use Graphics Wisely to improve Website Usability | E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability | Scoop.it
There can be no argument about the significance of design in attracting Internet surfers to particular internet site.
Michelle Dutrisac's insight:

I found this article interesting because it demonstrates how to use visuals effectively on a website. Visuals are extremely effective and appealing to consumers on websites; however, if there are too little or too many, it could be detrimental as people will not want to shop on a website that seems to be disjointed or overwhelming. The author provided excellent tips on how to use visuals effectively, and I would recommend this article to anyone looking to create a business website.

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Scooped by Michelle Dutrisac

Top 3 Website Usability tips for Web Designers

Top 3 Website Usability tips for Web Designers | E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability | Scoop.it

Websites need to be both attractive and functional if they're to win return visitors, and that means getting the basics right, this blogger writes. Be sure to include a well-polished search function, easy-to-find contact details and a logical site structure that makes navigation intuitive for first-time visitors.


When creating a website, there is a lot to think about. As a website designer, you will have to think about the design and layout of the website but you should also be thinking about where the important information should be going on that page. Website usability is extremely important as a website that is difficult to use will get fewer visitors over time so it is important that you follow these tips:

Include a search function – People love to search on a website as it will allow them to find exactly what they are looking for with the click of just one button. You should put the search functionality in a clear and defined place like Google so that people know exactly where it is without getting confused.Include Contact Details – People need to be able to contact the owner or the webmaster of the website if there is a problem and it is important to have these details in a clearly defined page. Most websites will have a contact page which is extremely important. Other things that you can include on your website to aid this area could be an online forum, online live chat or even just a web based contact form.Good Structure – This is one of the most important things for any website in regards to user experience and of course, SEO. You’re website should have a logical structure so that users know exactly where they are in the site and how to get back to where they want to. You can use a breadcrumb menu to aid with this if you like. This is also a key factor when it comes to SEO and you should have a good internal link structure.


Website usability is about good design combined with functionality. Usually with most websites, one of these things will be more dominant than the other which means that the website is less likely to have return visitors. Other things to note include having good and descriptive titles and keywords as well as having a good sitemap.

Michelle Dutrisac's insight:

I scooped this article because of it's three simple yet effective rules for website usability. Although they may seem simple, they are all things that may be overlooked when creating a website, therefore, it's a good reminder as to what is absolutely necessary in your website (good design combined with functionality). I recommend this article to anybody looking to design a website; it's a short, interesting article that I found to be extremely helpful.

Meagan Cooper's curator insight, March 3, 2013 2:50 PM

This article contains the three most important rules for any website designer to know. If you want to increase your website usability then this is a great article to read.


Cody Davis's curator insight, March 12, 2013 12:54 AM

this is a great article to look over becuase it goes into deep depth about website usabilty. It talks about how your design and layout are really important, this is how you capture the readers attention. This also shows 3 great tips. first one is include a search funtion. second include contact details and lastly have good structure.

Scooped by Michelle Dutrisac

Website Usability Testing Boosts Profitability

Website Usability Testing Boosts Profitability | E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability | Scoop.it

Are B2B companies with the best possible offerings shooting themselves in the foot by hosting poorly designed websites?


SUMMARY: Usability tests help marketers see how their sites really work - Reviewing online-chat transcripts can help business-to-business marketers understand why website traffic is not correlating to conversion, Richard Levey writes, drawing insight from UserTesting.com's Chris Hicken. Check the notes of sales and support staffs to see if prospects use the same lingo as the website, and use "think aloud" usability testing of sites, which can go beyond shared-screen testing that leaves out nonverbal clues.



Michelle Dutrisac's insight:

I scooped this article because it demonstrates how website usability may boost profitability. It also gives you questions to ask yourself about website usability when developing a website; questions include topics such as first impressions of website, ease of navigation, as well as if the site works on mobile devices. This article is very insightful and informative; I'd recommend it to anybody who has a website or is in the process of developing one.

Sarah Miller's curator insight, March 11, 2013 11:07 AM

The main purpose of website usability is for for marketers all around the world to see how their sites are really working the in the real world. They can review who is looking at their website, the comments being giving to their website and the popularity of the website. 

Cody Davis's curator insight, March 12, 2013 1:07 AM

This article is a great one to look over becuase it tells you how you can test your website usanility and to boost your profits by doing it. At the bottom of the page you can look at some suggestions to consider in usability testing such as, easy navigation or does your site work on mobile devises.

Rescooped by Michelle Dutrisac from Ayantek's User Experience Design Digest

5 Organizational Tips to Improve Website Usability

5 Organizational Tips to Improve Website Usability | E-Marketing 2680: Website Usability | Scoop.it
When it comes to building websites, organization is key. Help increase traffic and boost ROI by following these five tips for improving website usability.

Via Marisa Chiulli
Michelle Dutrisac's insight:

I chose to scoop this article because of the useful and important information it conveys. It has a few simple rules for your company's website; these rules include the "three click rule" in which it should only take three clicks for the customer to find what they're looking for (if it's more than that, then your page is difficult to navigate through). You must also ensure your page downloads quickly; sometimes a slow server is the reason, however, if your page is always slow to load, chances are unnecessary additions to your page such as music and banner ads are to blame (take them out). There were many useful tips listed in this article, and I reccommend it to anybody looking to create a website for their business.

Meagan Cooper's curator insight, March 3, 2013 3:29 PM

Great tips if you are looking to improve your organizational skills with website usability. I believe organization is crutial when it comes to website usability so this page is excellent for beginners.

Jennifer Delorme's curator insight, March 6, 2013 1:24 PM

Five largely important tips for your website usability:
1- design of your site, F-shape viewing is typically what most user tend to use. which means top left is wheree their eyes go first and lower down they begin to lose interest.
2- fast loading times, so people dont get bored.

3- clear  organization is way more important than having a search bar on your site.

4- three click rule, if it takes more then three clicks for a user to find what they want, its too hard to find.

5- make ALL your pages not just home page, interesting and eye catching because someone may stumble upon any of them.

Sarah Miller's curator insight, March 11, 2013 11:15 AM

Found some excellent information on website usability throughout this particular article! There wasnt as much key information as i would of liked to see but there was information in here that was different compared to other articles that I previously looked at. This articles main focus is organization, it belives that organizatiokn is key, and this is something that I agree with.