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Social Media Demographics: Who Uses What Platforms?

Social Media Demographics: Who Uses What Platforms? | E-Learning Methodology | Scoop.it

A massive survey of over 1,800 internet users reveals trends in social media usage across numerous platforms, ages, races, genders, population density and more.

All data derived from the Pew Research Center.

Via Lauren Moss, Michael Kopp
2DiFore Marketing Solutions's curator insight, May 5, 4:34 AM

It's Cinco de Mayo! Do you know who your users are and why they engage with you?

Lea Vainshtein's curator insight, May 6, 12:16 PM

טבלאות מסכמות את התפלגות משתמשי רשתות חברתיות

המסכנה: אם את עד גיל 30, ממוצא דרום אמריקאי, עירונית, בעלת השכלה 

מאיזשהו קולג' ומשתכרת נמוך 

אז את הצרכנית העיקרית של פייסבוק חחח



Kim Bradley's curator insight, May 10, 8:49 PM

Great facts on social media trends and usage amongst various demographics.  Social media is trending across all groups!

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Infographic: The Demographics of Social Media Users

Infographic: The Demographics of Social Media Users | E-Learning Methodology | Scoop.it

Understanding the demographics of social media users is critical to effective, well-targeted social media marketing.

Luckily, a new infographic from DocStoc and the Pew Research Center is bestowing on marketers today a wealth of invaluable information that marketers can use.

From Pinterest’s primary appeal to rural residents, to Instagram’s resounding appeal to urban residents and 18-29 year olds, learn more about the demographics driving today’s top social networks at this graphic.

Via Lauren Moss
Charlie Dare's curator insight, August 22, 2013 8:05 PM

Which demographic are you dealing with..Pinterest has more rural people Facebook lots of younger women..and so forth no big surprises.LinkedIn of interest growing I,d think ..Instigram never used or tumbler !

Dawn Matheson's curator insight, August 27, 2013 8:40 AM

This is an interesting breakdown. Pew has done it again with great research.

Andrew Earnshaw's curator insight, September 20, 2013 12:28 PM

Must admit I don't dabble much with Pinterest, its never seemed Pinteresting to me !! Need to saw at up, I think.