Don't just think question types... think questions... then types | e-learning in higher education and beyond |

In my role, I see many module leaders present themselves with assessment questions that have been written to fit the question types offered by Blackboard (Course Resources).  In my opinion this does not always lead to effective assessment as what we are presenting to students is a collection of questions that Blackboard can handle rather than an assessment.  For example I recently saw 3 questions that collectively was supposed to ask about the students’ knowledge of the statistical averages.  The question asked was ‘What is the mean / medium / mode of the following numbers?’.  This was followed by a range of numbers and the student could pick a number from a selection presented.

This had been written after whoever wrote it had seen the question types and rather than thinking ‘what do I need to assess?’ (i.e. the students’ ability to differentiate between the different statistical averages), just simply written some simple maths questions which could be guessed at.

Via Kathrin Jäger