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Storytelling Using Storyboarding: 10 Great Tools

Storytelling Using Storyboarding: 10 Great Tools | E-learning | Scoop.it
It has been a while since my last blogpost. Last month, I had the great honor of writing four guest posts on the topic of mLearning for ASTD. Furthermore, I have been studying hard to complete my postgraduate studies, which made me step aside from some other projects for a while. Having said that, last week I came…

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Alexis Niki's curator insight, January 6, 4:01 AM

Looking forward to some new discoveries on this list.

Michael Williams StoryCoaching's curator insight, January 9, 7:50 AM

Storyboard tools or any apps that save you time and help you create the stories you need to or want to tell are welcome. While not all the tools here will necessarily suited to your workflow or needs, at least one or two will. I've always found storyboarding a great way of learning new stories or presenting ideas in a clear, narrative manner -- always appreciated by my audiences. Have fun exploring these. Reviewed by Michael Williams @MWStoryCoach

Dominique Taste's curator insight, January 11, 3:25 AM

Liste intéressante d'applications disponible sur ordinateur ou tablette qui permettent de visualiser une trame scénaristique classique, d'écrire des histoires non linéaires, d'utiliser les bons formats de présentation selon la nature du storytelling (bande dessinée, film, vidéo, documentaire ...) ou d'inclure notes et dessins complémentaires.

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Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web

Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web | E-learning | Scoop.it
Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time.

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Andy Kenworthy's insight:

This could be very handy for editing documents on the move when a desktop or laptop running the full suite isn't available and for collaborating with a team. I will be looking in to this further. 

John Dalziel's curator insight, February 27, 2014 5:05 AM

Microsoft’s Office Online is a completely free, web-based version of Microsoft Office.

This online office suite is clearly competing with Google Drive, but it’s also a potential replacement for the desktop version of Office.
Unlike all of Microsoft’s other Office products, Office Online at office.com is completely free.
This is Office Online’s biggest advantage over desktop versions of Microsoft Office.

It  can be used on all the PCs you want without paying for additional boxed copies or subscribing to Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription service for Office.
Because it’s a web application that runs in your browser, Office Online will run on everything, from Linux PCs and Chromebooks to iPads and Android tablets.

It doesn't require any special plug-in and works in any popular browser, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari — not just Internet Explorer.
Should you use Office Online?

Well, that’s up to you. If you’d like a completely free version of Office it’s a compelling option.

On the other hand, you may need the more advanced features in the desktop version of Office.
NOTE: it does provide access to learners who can't afford the desktop version of office.

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Docs.Zone converter: Convert Word/Excel/JPG to PDF!

Docs.Zone converter: Convert Word/Excel/JPG to PDF! | E-learning | Scoop.it
Create, Convert, and Merge PDF files online. Convert PDF to Word and back to PDF. You do NOT have to install software. 100% WEB-BASED!

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John Dalziel's curator insight, March 14, 2015 4:16 AM

One issue of BYOD, and/or learners submitting assignments, is the different formats used.
By using Docs.Zone converter, practitioners are just one click away from changing the many different formats to PDF.
It saves them from the hazardous and daunting effort of installing different software for the accomplishment of this process.
Docs.Zone provides range of services for such operations such as...
   - PDF merge tool,
   - web page grabber,
   - PDF to Word file converter and
   - PDF to Excel file converter etc.
Users just...
   - enter the address of website Docs.Zone in their web browser.
   - select the tab “convert file to PDF”,
   - brows for the file in their drives
   - click the “Select file” option, which adds the file to convert.
If users want to add multiple files at a time, there is another option for this operation, “Add Files”. They can add multiple files at a time.
After the selection of their required file...
   - click the “start” button for conversion.
After the conversion is finished, users can download the file from the table titled “Inbox”.
To download the file, click the download button opposite to the file name.
Once a file is converted, users can download it within a duration of 6 hours - the file will be deleted at that point.
Their original file will not be affected even after the conversion.