E-Learning and Online Teaching
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E-Learning and Online Teaching
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European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning

European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning | E-Learning and Online Teaching | Scoop.it

Current Issue


Virtual Schooling Through the Eyes of an At-Risk Student: A Case Study

Michael K. Barbour, Jason P. Siko


eNOSHA, a Free, Open and Flexible Learning Object Repository – An Iterative Development Process for Global User-friendliness

Peter Mozelius, Enosha Hettiarachchi


Using Creative Multimedia in Teaching and Learning ICTs: A Case Study

Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Giselle Ferreira, Judith Williams, Clem Herman


Private Cost of Education: A Comparative Study of Distance and Campus-based University Students in Nigeria

Felix K. Olakulehin, Santosh K. Panda


Via Ilona Buchem, Paulo Simões
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Scooped by Dennis T OConnor

Case Study: Teaching Online - A Time Comparison

Case Study: Teaching Online - A Time Comparison | E-Learning and Online Teaching | Scoop.it


The success of distance courses has prompted universities nationwide to increase the number of courses offered online. As the number of these courses has increased, the challenges involved in developing and offering them have become more apparent. One particular difficulty when teaching in an online format is that it can be more time-consuming than teaching in a traditional in-class format. This case study investigates this issue through the use of a detailed comparison of the time required to prepare and teach a traditional course, and that required for the same course presented in an online format. The additional time required by the online format is found to result largely from increased student contact and individualized instruction and not from the use of technology per se.

Liko Puha's comment, January 24, 2012 4:37 PM
Oh my goodness! This topic is very close to one I am proposing for my Masters research project. Thank you Dennis.