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University of Wisconsin Stout: Interested in online teaching and learning?

Information about our Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning.
E-Learning and Online Teaching
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Social Media Classroom

Social Media Classroom | E-Learning and Online Teaching | Scoop.it

Welcome to the Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory. It’s all free, as in both “freedom of speech” and “almost totally free beer.” We invite you to build on what we’ve started to create more free value. The Social Media Classroom (we’ll call it SMC) includes a free and open-source (Drupal-based) web service that provides teachers and learners with an integrated set of social media that each course can use for its own purposes—integrated forum, blog, comment, wiki, chat, social bookmarking, RSS, microblogging, widgets , and video commenting are the first set of tools. The Classroom also includes curricular material: syllabi, lesson plans, resource repositories, screencasts and videos. The Collaboratory (or Colab), is what we call just the web service part of it. Educators are encouraged to use the Colab and SMB materials freely, and we host your Colab communities if you don’t want to install your own. (See this for an explanation of who “we” are).

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Moodle for WikiEducators

Moodle for WikiEducators | E-Learning and Online Teaching | Scoop.it
This is a Moodle installation for OER Foundation courses and WikiEducator users.

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