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Rich tools for instrumenting, analyzing, and visualizing web apps.
Make your app jank-free at 60fps! Squeeze every drop of performance out of your code.

* Rich Tracing
Choose what methods to trace and add custom data to each event. Track asynchronous flows and actions.

* Slick Visualization
Smoothly dig through millions of events in an awesome UI. See patterns and understand your code like never before.

* Extensible Framework
Write extensions to capture more data or visualize it in new ways. Write small node.js scripts to process traces and pull out useful data.

* Canvas & WebGL
Capture and replay HTML5 <canvas> and WebGL content. Write tools to analyze and test your drawing.

* Track Memory Usage
Find every byte allocated by every function via heap tracking. See not just the what but when and who of every allocation.

* Remotely Trace Android
Grab captures and analyze pages running on Chrome for Android using a simple remote controller.

Via Jan Hesse