Why We Need to Teach Mindfulness in a Digital Age | PBS | Dyslexia, Literacy, and New-Media Literacy | Scoop.it

"Recent brain imaging studies reveal that sections of our brains are highly active during down time. This has led scientists to imply that moments of not-doing are critical for connecting and synthesizing new information, ideas and experiences. The average American consumes 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words every single day, according to the 2008 report from UC San Diego. To put these numbers in perspective, one gigabyte is a symphony in high-fidelity sound or a broadcast quality movie. In the midst of this multimedia blitzkrieg, the importance of mindfulness and focused attention is rising. If we can't cultivate mindfulness and focused attention while sitting quietly in a room, then how can we expect to bring these qualities of mind into turbulent circumstances -- both on and offline?

Via Howard Rheingold, Dennis T OConnor, Maggie Rouman, Pamela Day, Tom Perran