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Rescooped by Firas Ghunaim from Curation Revolution

Top 10 Curation Revolution Scoops Of All Time

Top 10 Curation Revolution Scoops Of All Time | DV8 Digital Marketing Tips and Insight | Scoop.it

Top 10 Scoops By Clicks

1. http://sco.lt/8Q8W6j Future of Markeing [Infographic] 


2. http://sco.lt/68zYfp 21 Content Types We Crave


3. http://sco.lt/91MkRF SEO, LinkedIn & The Real You, How LinkedIn Is Crowdsoucing You

4. http://sco.lt/7A3OAT New SEO vs. Old SEO Smackdown [Infographic]

5. http://sco.lt/8PV9Np How and Why Google Killed Long Tail of Search [Infographic]


6. http://sco.lt/8Jcwq1 12 Scoop.it Experts Share Top Cureation Tips

7. http://sco.lt/6UD0W9 Why Content Gets Shared: Social Mentions Study

8. http://sco.lt/6a2WVF  The Content Marketing Mix [Infographic]


9. http://sco.lt/88TIZd Six Ways To Expand Your Social Media Reach [Infographic]


10.  http://sco.lt/8eorNx Storytelling Is The New SEO [Slideshare]

 Wow, 5 Infographics contributing 52% of top 10 clicks, a study and a Slideshare. Will do views next and compare and contrast.

Have decided to extend into a Top 10 Scoopit Conversion Stdy combing Top 10s from each of my 12 feeds. Learn more: http://sco.lt/69HeAj

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
David Hain's curator insight, October 26, 2013 6:14 AM

Thanks Marty!

malek's curator insight, October 26, 2013 8:08 AM

Another proof what we call 'time' isn't chronological but spatial, the leap change in short period.

Rescooped by Firas Ghunaim from Curation Revolution

CEOs Absent From Social Media Is Costly [Charts] | Heidi Cohen [+Marty Note]

CEOs Absent From Social Media Is Costly [Charts] | Heidi Cohen [+Marty Note] | DV8 Digital Marketing Tips and Insight | Scoop.it
Despite their corporate standing, CEOs aren't on social media, according to BrandFog’s 2013 CEO, Social Media, and Leadership Survey.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, February 5, 2013 12:41 PM

Agree and Disagree with Heidi 
Agree and am not surprised by the data showing CEOs not on social media. I disagree with why. CEOs make time for all kinds of things that matter to them, so let's take time as an objection off the table. 

Fear of a PR blunder could be a culprit, but CEOs grant interviews and go on TV to talk to the bombastic Jim Cramer so fear also seems a false objection. 

Belief and passion are missing for CEOs. Warren Buffet all but scoffs every time social media is brought up. Apparently the idea that social media is just a faster more efficient version of the annual meeting Buffet puts on every year hasn't occurred to him (or social media hasn't been presented that way to the Oracle of Omaha). 

CEOs an Important SMM Absence
CEOs control the heart and soul of their institutions, so to be absent from social media is to speak mightily of its perceived value (or lack of same).  If you are a CEO and reading this I have three ideas for you to consider:

1. Social Media is a conversation with customers, is it valuable to speak with your customers?

2. Social Media controls the backend of search engine marketing (SEM); do you want your websites to be found? 


3. Social Media will be how we make money in the not too distant future, do you need to make or increase profits?

If you answered YES to any two of these questions then YOUR continued absence on social media is costing your company money. You see there is a problem with social media marketing. I can blah, blah, blah all day, but, in the end, social media will change you in ways I can only predict. 

No matter how good my prediction you will end up surprising and redefining both my prediction about what and how CEOs will and can learn from social media marketing. I've worked with and for several CEOs and they are always surprising. 

In fact surprise is part of why they become CEOs. They see and do things differently. The absence of CEOs is not just hurting their companies it hurts social media marketing too. The minute CEOs adopt and have passion for social media marketing it will change by leaps and bounds. 

 If you know of great examples of CEOs using social to engage, coach and excite their following please share so we can hoist them on our shoulders in the hope that others will emulate. 


Mike Ellsworth's curator insight, February 6, 2013 7:40 PM

Yes, CEOs are too busy to blog or tweet, but they all should at least be paying attention to social media.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, February 8, 2013 6:33 PM
Best CEOs I've worked for are LEAST busy people in the place. They have two jobs - the vision thing and the coach thing and they excelled at both by not let either job get in the way of the other one.