Ranking the 100 Most InDemand Employers Using LinkedIn Data [INFOGRAPHIC] | DV8 Digital Marketing Tips and Insight | Scoop.it

Whether it’s a tech start-up or a prestigious global accounting firm, some employers are more desirable than others. For companies, this affects how easily they can recruit; for employees, it’s tied to your professional reputation.

Using an extensive professional data set, LinkedIn identified which companies are most attractive to potential candidates in this infographic of LinkedIn’s Most InDemand Employers.


What makes these rankings unique is that they’re based on the actual actions of over 175 million professionals. Last year, LinkedIn had over 15 billion interactions between professionals & companies. That data was cross-referenced with thousands of survey responses to pinpoint specific activities that best indicate familiarity and interest in working for a company: connecting with employees, viewing profiles, visiting Company Pages, and following companies. After crunching this data and normalizing for things like company size, the top 100 global list was created. Then LinkedIn profile data was applied to rank the most sought-after employers among professionals in five countries and four job functions.


View the full version of the infographic at the link, where the most sought-after companies on LinkedIn's network are visualized by country, city, occupation and industry...

Via Lauren Moss