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The Insititute @ CESA #1 introduced the Learning Independence Continuum a couple of weeks ago. Efficacy is the third element in the continuum and in this blog they focus on importance of efficacy to help learners realize that they own their learning.


"Efficacy is the belief that one is capable of producing a result, meeting a challenge or accomplishing a task. For students, efficacy or self-efficacy is the belief that they can succeed and learn. Too often our students already come to us thinking “I’m not good at math” or “I can’t do this.” Our challenge it is to engage students in ways that help them to examine and change their thinking and build the confidence and strategies necessary to change their perspective and their approach.


Helping learners to see that effort, persistence, strategy, and good use of resources can increase their learning in ways that they control can make a key difference in the level of effort learners will give. This approach can also build learner willingness to persist and identify and try alternative approaches.


Learners with strong self-efficacy understand the connection between their efforts and actions and the learning results they experience. This understanding can build ownership for learning – they are more likely to understand that the success they achieve is theirs (ownership). Efficacy is a precursor and naturally builds into learners’ realization that they own their learning."

Via Kathleen McClaskey