President Obama Looked Across the Border into North Korea and Saw the Future of America | Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy & Culture |

A news story that has not made a big splash in the United States is the overwhelming defeat of the Socialists in Australia. The extent of the defeat was so great that it’s been compared to Gen. George Custer’s Last Stand at the June 1876 Little Big Horn massacre. The American Thinker reports:Some of the Seats lost by the socialists had been held by them for 100 years. The result means that the socialists will need some 15 years to re-build and may not warm the government benches for a generation.


Now if only our 2012 election will net similar results.


While the socialists were going down to defeat in Australia, President Obama was visiting South Korea. Someone handed him a pair of binoculars so he could look across the border into North Korea. And what did he see? The future of the United States if he, his fellow Democrats, and RINOs are not defeated in November.