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Doing business in Ireland
Doing business in Ireland - news from Celtar business consultants, business advisers Dublin and Ireland, curated by Billy Linehan
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Russian Irish Space Plans Signed

Russian Irish Space Plans Signed | Doing business in Ireland |

 Irish National Space Centre & Roscomos sign agreement


The agreement, signed by Roscosmos Deputy Head Sergey Saveliev and Rory Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive, National Space Centre, provides a framework for both entities to work together to develop projects in areas of mutual interest. Areas specified include:


OUTER SPACE exploration and research

SPACE DEBRIS monitoring, prevention and reduction

SATELLITE NAVIGATION and associated technologies

SPACE COMMUNICATIONS, TV and radio broadcasting and information technologies and services

GROUND SPACE infrastructure and its use


Signing the contract, Mr Rory Fitzpatrick said ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for National Space Centre and for Ireland, and begins a journey for Ireland to be part of future space activities while partnering with a global leader in this field. This will create many hi-tech jobs in this growth sector in Ireland.


Representatives from Roscosmos are due to visit National Space Centre at its base at Elfordstown Earthstation shortly to progress joint projects.

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Industrial sales rep / sales engineer required, Northern Ireland

June 22nd, 2012  We are happy to promote vacancies for our clients;. F&P Fogartys are looking for an industrial sales rep and/or sales engineer to be based in Northern Ireland.

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Starting a business in Ireland - what type of visa do US citizens need ...

Starting a business in Ireland - what type of visa do US citizens need ... | Doing business in Ireland |
I have a business idea that I would like to take to Ireland I want to start a company there with my wife that I think would have potential, but my Irish roots go way back to Famine times My wife's great-grandparents were from ...
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Sustainability & the Environmental Impact of Dairy - Truth in Numbers

Sustainability & the Environmental Impact of Dairy - Truth in Numbers | Doing business in Ireland |

Environmental Impact of Dairy - Truth in Numbers...


Sustainability isn’t something that’s going to go away,” announced Prof. Judith L. Capper at the Dairy Solutions Symposium in Dublin, Ireland.


Capper, a professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, USA, has spent the last five years researching the environmental impact of dairy and beef systems. Agriculture must minimize environmental impact as we strive to grow more food with less land for the estimated 9.3 billion people in 2050. 


Capper discussed the controversial United Nations report, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’, that contended that animal agriculture produces 18% of worldwide greenhouse emissions, more than the world’s transport system. This figure was widely publicized by anti animal agriculture groups and used to spread the message that meat and milk are bad for the environment.


Capper described how numbers like this can be used in a misleading way to sway consumers and policy makers.


Deeper investigation into the report shows that emissions from dairy production vary widely from developed to developing countries. Dairy systems in the developing world are far less efficient than those in the developed world and therefore produce far more greenhouse gas per milk yield. This demonstrates the improvements that have been made by leading dairy producers and the potential benefit of sharing those advancements with producers in the developing world.


In spite of the controversy surrounding the report, Capper stated that it had a positive effect as it forced us to make changes in the industry to reduce carbon emissions.


“The dairy industry must be dedicated to improving sustainability to remain viable and environmental impact must be assessed using sound science rather than ideological principles,” said Capper.

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