This half-day workshop aims to provide consultants with an update on how the fast evolving technologies in this area can impact on consultant and client businesses.  The event will explain the phenomenal growth of mobile applications, their potential impact on businesses and organisations of all sizes, the facts behind some of the concerns that apply and options to mitigate them. 

All businesses stand to  gain or lose depending on how they engage with customers and staff using this fast evolving technology.  Management consultants, with their in-depth knowledge of client businesses and the challenges they face, are ideally suited to provide the guidance needed to adopt mobile, whether it be for marketing, sales, client engagement or process improvement.   For many consultants it has the potential to allow them place a new offering alongside their present service portfolio.

The event will be facilitated by Rowan Fogarty MD of Porthand and will include presentations from industryspecialists at the leading edge of the application of mobile applications to business solutions.


For further information contact Rowan rowan.fogarty@porthand.com