Our Transparent Formula and All Individual Salaries 


Sticking to radical transparency was probably both one of the most frightening and exciting things to do over the past months. It meant to open up and make ourselves extremely vulnerable for ideas, since they were easily accessible to everyone on the team. Let me give a few examples of where we’ve started to put more transparent workflows in place:


Complete openness about our revenues and user numbers: Every month we publish the investor update here on the Open blog.


Progress reports on Buffer’s customer support, Buffer blog performance, Buffer for Business performance: Holding ourselves accountable and putting all these monthly reports out there, was another big step.


Every internal email sent between any 2 people on the team has a certain list cc’ed that is accessible for everyone: For example if 2 engineers email with each other, they cc the engineers list, if it’s people on our customer support team they have a support email list cc’ed. Stripe was a great inspiration for this. 


Personal self-improvement at Buffer:  To make this fully transparent, we are using IDoneThis to help us share our improvements daily and keep ourselves accountable. .