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Since posting my first impressions on the Fuji X-Pro1, I have been asked how it performed in a reportage situation. True, its sometime slow autofocus can mean a missed capture, but having this in mind, you learn to cope with it, anticipate the action and seize the moment. I would say, up to now that the X-Pro1 is not a camera for action. I see it as a camera of intimacy and closeness.

On a recent story where I was leading a rescue mission of a woman attacked by a polar bear, my first objective was, of course, the rescue and giving medical care to the woman. Since we were two health professionals sharing the task to be done, I brought along my Fuji. After the first medical intervention were done and the woman stabilized, we were waiting for the helicopter to arrive. Around, was a lot of human and subtle interactions between the husband who killed the bear and the rescuers. I got my camera out and started to shoot. Care had to be taken to be as invisible and un-obstructive as one can be. Not once I missed a shot because of the slow autofocus. The Fuji (and probably the way I work with the people) gave me the opportunity to document these intense moments but also to respect their dignity.

Via Thomas Menk