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Documentary Evolution
How is being transformed the "traditional" documentary ? "interactive", "transmedia", "webdoc" ...adjectives that make the difference.
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Klynt Interactive Workshop Review

Klynt Interactive Workshop Review | Documentary Evolution |
At each of our Interactive Workshops we'll have the excellent Gemma McKinnie acting as our reporter on the ground, researching how each interactive platform


"The original prototype of Klynt, created in 2008, was known as ‘Webdoc Editor’, and brought a ‘choose your own adventure’ function to online documentary narrative. The Honkytonk experiment was successful: the first interactive documentary to ever feature on Le Monde’s website, Journey achieved 1.5 million page views and won the Prix SCAM 2009 Digital Interactive Artwork award. The first public release of Klynt then came in 2011, and was developed in Flash."

mirmilla's insight:

Klynt under the magnifying glass.

Vittorio Canavese's curator insight, August 23, 2014 11:25 AM

Uno dei migliori tool per la transmedialità dal vivo. Mi sarebbe piaciuto esserci

Scooped by mirmilla!

Storyplanet review: A promising digital multimedia storytelling tool

Storyplanet review: A promising digital multimedia storytelling tool | Documentary Evolution |
Create and share a digital story with texts, photo, audio and video - quick and free; it lacks support for embedding interactive features

"My test drive of Storyplanet shows a few bugs and a lack of features that I hope the developer can address in the official release. But I would still recommend instructors and students adopt this tool in classroom teaching/learning of digital journalism."

mirmilla's insight:

Interesting review aimed to test Storyplanet for journalistic use.

Click on "my previous post" alias the Wix project to see a good example of informative site created at no cost.

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