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Documentary Evolution
How is being transformed the "traditional" documentary ? "interactive", "transmedia", "webdoc" ...adjectives that make the difference.
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Watching the watchers – how VR can be a participatory experience

Watching the watchers – how VR can be a participatory experience | Documentary Evolution |
I’ve always been a bit skeptical. With most new formats and technologies, I find that people get really excited about the bells and whistles, but don’t spend as much time focusing on quality content. It takes a little while for the “fervor of the new” to die down, and for people to realize that just because something uses a new technology, it doesn’t automatically mean the finished product is actually interesting.
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17 Thousand Islands

17 Thousand Islands | Documentary Evolution |
Welcome to 17000 Islands, an interactive experiment in documentary image making, and for its creators, […]
mirmilla's insight:

An experiment that makes the user feel the typical experience of an editor: many clips shot personally by the two directors are available , transforming the "user" from passive to active.

Each clip can be selected and recombined in a very personal way, allowing you to create your own "island". And of course there will never be an island like the other.


The islands "auteur" vision simply does not exist, the two authors are at the edges of this work. There are traces of them in the creation of the clip (point of view, camera movements, choice of subjects etc..) but otherwise they encourage others to make their own contribution.


This work reaffirms and develop the participatory genre (see "The Johnny Cash Project")

From the "old" documentary, the reality remains a substance to understand, to assemble...

A job essentially identical to that of the film editor.

That editor that often can not rely on nothing but the several shots and her own imagination.


An experiment in which innovation is not the non-linearity - typical of the editing phase - but consists of a role reversal. The filmmakers become camera operator, users become directors.


Sadim M.R.'s curator insight, November 28, 2013 11:28 AM

A very well designed web documentry

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Adaptive Storytelling: An In-Depth Look at 4 Social Innovation Projects

Adaptive Storytelling: An In-Depth Look at 4 Social Innovation Projects | Documentary Evolution |
We are all storytellers.

You might think of stories themselves as extensions of our individual and collective conscience; they not only provide the connective layers for understanding the way we see things, but for contextualizing them. Stories also allow us to share data as a social currency. More on that in a moment.

In the work I do, I tend to think of applied uses of stories, or storytelling, in three primary modalities which are not mutually exclusive:

* Dialogic

* Immersive

* Participatory
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This Is Localore - a documentary about the project for a new 21st-century Public Media

"Step behind the scenes with the producers of Localore, a public media production by AIR ( See how twelve intrepid makers led year-long multimedia project at 10 radio and TV stations across the country—reaching and involving a broad swath of communities via broadcast, digital and street media. Localore is supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the MacArthur Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more at"



mirmilla's insight:

A truly innovative project. Public radio and television stations will no longer be the same after this brilliant collaboration with the local area least in the U.S.A..

Hope this will be an inspiration for many other reality.

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