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Documentary Evolution
How is being transformed the "traditional" documentary ? "interactive", "transmedia", "webdoc" ...adjectives that make the difference.
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Why Hollywood Needs Experience Designers – Part II

Why Hollywood Needs Experience Designers – Part II | Documentary Evolution |
In our last episode, I talked about how transmedia storytelling projects and technologies (such as second screen apps) seem to be getting traction in Hollywood, and the need for Experience Designers to effectively build the stuff that actually goes...
mirmilla's insight:

A very interesting analysis on the Experience Design.

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The 'linear turn' in i-docs - a provocation

The 'linear turn' in i-docs - a provocation | Documentary Evolution |

"I have just returned from delivering a workshop on i-docs at the Freiburger Film Forum, alongside Florian Thalhofer, inventor of the Korsakow system.


It was great to see Florian again and our respective talks sparked a lively discussion between us on the evolution of interactive documentaries. As two of the pioneers in the field – Florian having invented Korsakow over fifteen years ago and me having completed my PhD thesis on interactive multimedia in 2003 – we both had a lot to say on the current state of play with i-docs and on the possibility of  a ‘linear turn’.


I provide here the key points that we discussed, as a provocation for further discussion and debate."


by Judith Aston for i-Docs

mirmilla's insight:

The linear storytelling has once again become a dominant model at the expense of alternative and experimental forms? 

The recent works as Alma or Operation Ajax betray in some ways the innovations introduced by experimentation or act for one of many possible ways?

A reflection that I believe will find answers just in the march of time...

Julieta Romero's comment, May 20, 2013 5:53 PM
I believe we cannot betray story either! I answered back with a questione someone once made: is non-linearity killing story?
mirmilla's comment, May 21, 2013 1:53 AM
A good question! I think no, non-linearity allows the story to be' perceived in different way, but the magic still remains.