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Zeega is a community of makers passionate about creating immersive experiences that combine original content with media from across the web.


Among the new available tools, Zeega is characterized by its dual mission, which is to provide a platform "for inventing new forms of interactive storytelling" and at the same time being a "community of artists, filmmakers, journalists, educators, designers and other makers passionate about inventing a new medium together. "


Through the work shown here, Zeega offers interesting preview of what could become a documentary once engaged in the dynamics of the web.

One is tempted to say that the word "documentary" is a bit simplistic.




Zeega Productions is a growing series of innovative storytelling projects that span the globe and uncover new perspectives on the human experience. Some works are co-productions with leading partners in the radio, film, journalism and interactive worlds; others are lead by Zeega's internal team.