Documentary Evolution
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Documentary Evolution
How is being transformed the "traditional" documentary ? "interactive", "transmedia", "webdoc" ...adjectives that make the difference.
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Perspectives on interactive documentary storytelling at IDFA Doclab

Perspectives on interactive documentary storytelling at IDFA Doclab | Documentary Evolution |
IDFA DOC LABS 2012 - SubmarineChannel


Very interesting thoughts of the main protagonists of the IDFA DocLab

(and not only).

We only have to wait a couple of days to see all the rest of the interviews.



> Putting the buzzwords of interactive documentary into perspective

(William Uricchio - MIT Open Doc Lab)

> What do a bear, technology and human beings have in common?

(Jeremy Mendes - Bear 71)

> How does interactivity help in documentaries?

(Andrew Devigal - Second Story)

> Storytelling that strenghtens the content

(Kel O'Neill & Eline Jongsma  - Empire Project)

> Can a documentary be shot and directed entirely by robots?

(Alexander Reben - Robot-Generated Documentaries)

> Team Insomnia

> Making stories interactive with StoryPlanet (Bjarke Myrthu - StoryPlanet)

> Expanding the documentary at IDFA DOCLAB: where story is [still] king! (Caspar Sonnen - DocLab's curator)

> Alma: a tale of violence wins IDFA - Alexander Brachet

> Bruno Felix (Submarine Channel)

> Jane Burton (creative producer at Tate Media)



Whatever the term, though, it is clear these are all evolving buzzwords, and success in this web storytelling domain is not formulaic. With projects that range the interactive spectrum, IDFA DocLab represents the year's best-practice examples of emerging modes of digital storytelling and new visual languages. It also serves as an idyllic time to take stock of just how far storytelling on the web has come in the last five years, and speculate about its future.

mirmilla's insight:

A meta i-doc that wants to photograph the situation of interactive documentary.

Great work!

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Not so crazy!

Not so crazy! | Documentary Evolution |

Free overview of #webdoc editing softwares.



It 'a very simple guide, well done, about the software available today to create a webdocumentary:


- Klynt

- Storyplanet

- Korsakow

- Djehouti



To download the book you "should pay" with a tweet. Worth more than a tweet.
When you are on the homepage, scroll down. For now, it is the 3 rd post.

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Storyplanet review: A promising digital multimedia storytelling tool

Storyplanet review: A promising digital multimedia storytelling tool | Documentary Evolution |
Create and share a digital story with texts, photo, audio and video - quick and free; it lacks support for embedding interactive features

"My test drive of Storyplanet shows a few bugs and a lack of features that I hope the developer can address in the official release. But I would still recommend instructors and students adopt this tool in classroom teaching/learning of digital journalism."

mirmilla's insight:

Interesting review aimed to test Storyplanet for journalistic use.

Click on "my previous post" alias the Wix project to see a good example of informative site created at no cost.

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Building Interactive Stories Miniworkshop

A mini workshop I did about interactive storytelling in september 2011 as part of the Photostories event at Noorderlicht photo festival in the Netherlands.

by Bjarke Myrthu


When structure is fundamental...

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