"If we are going to reinvent the film industry in this new series, then the first piece to figure out is whether film is the form that the industry will continue to be built around in the coming decades. Other contenders range from super-short mobile pieces to never-ending television series to interactive games to experiential events that blend video and live performance. So this session will look at what new form or forms will  most likely flourish in the near future. What are the ones that we might reorganize the current film industry or motion picture industries around?"



Tiffany Shlain , filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards, in the first roundtable of the series to Reinvent Hollywood, in partnership with Fandor 
Lance Weiler , Writer, director, experience designer
Karim Ahmad , Senior Digital Content Strategist at ITVS
Liz Rosenthal , Founder & CEO of Power to the Pixel
Michel Reilhac , Story architect, experience designer


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