Documentary Evolution
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Documentary Evolution
How is being transformed the "traditional" documentary ? "interactive", "transmedia", "webdoc" ...adjectives that make the difference.
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3WDOC is over!

3WDOC is over! | Documentary Evolution |

"Hello there,

In September 2010, we realized the first web documentary made in HTML5. In June 2012, we have launched the 3WDOC SaaS and blog in three languages dedicated to Digital Storytelling. Unfortunately, lack of adequate resources, we preferred to stop the exploitation of the 3WDOC" 


thanks to @zbutcher

mirmilla's insight:

With a short farewell message, 3WDOC closes down - In contrast with the (apparent?) proliferation of interactive documentary.

Isolated event or the anticipation of a more generalized crisis coming?


A few months ago, as you can remember, Storyplanet too vanished into thin air , though in that case the founder declared that he did it to resolve a legal dispute with his former freelance developers.


The question then arises whether it is still possible to think of "universal" platforms  at the service of interactive projects, when more and more often the platform is the story itself.

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Not so crazy!

Not so crazy! | Documentary Evolution |

Free overview of #webdoc editing softwares.



It 'a very simple guide, well done, about the software available today to create a webdocumentary:


- Klynt

- Storyplanet

- Korsakow

- Djehouti



To download the book you "should pay" with a tweet. Worth more than a tweet.
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