For Moviegoers, The Net's Not Yet An Easy Option - New York Times | Documentary Evolution |

excerpts from this post dated back to 1998:


 ''Right now the Net is not a way to see movies,'' said Mayra Langdon Riesman, founder of Filmscouts (...) Digitized information contained in a movie, especially one with any action, is too vast to be handled by most personal computers and modems, which aren't capable of producing anything beyond rudimentary film quality.



Occasionally filmmakers show clips of works in progress, but Ms. Riesman said that the real value of the Internet to filmmakers was not as an exhibition site but as a production tool.

''People make a mistake when they try to adapt old media to the Net,'' she said. ''This is new media.''

In the future, she added, the Web might be used to make new kinds of films in different ways. "