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Why Use YouTube in your classroom?
Increase student engagement
Start your class off with an engaging video clip that brings a lesson to life and sparks a lively discussion.
No longer will students be late for physics class when you begin the class with an engaging clip.

Make the subjects applicable to your students' everyday lives by showing culturally relevant YouTube clips.
Teach students video production and editing skills through projects and upload the videos to your classes YouTube channel.
Free access to thousands of high quality educational videos
YouTube provides free, unlimited access to tens of thousands of videos of high quality educational content.
These videos range from the world's best professors giving hour long lectures to great teachers giving short lessons.
Check out the diverse array of educational content at YouTube.com/EDU
Teach to every type of learner
Tap into the mind of the visual learner.
Each student has different learning needs. You can create videos or playlists to suit the different types of learners in your classroom.
On YouTube you can find videos explaining the same topic, many different ways. For example, here are four different videos, all explaining the concept of number patterns in a different way.
This video presents number patterns in a real world context.

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