Underground Session #09 by Ludovic Rambaud | DJs, Clubs & Electronic Music | Scoop.it

Listen to my last underground upfront selection...


1. JUPITER JAZZ 'Good Girl'  
2. ANDRTOL 'Matador'
3. FAIRMONT 'Tiny Diamonds' (Arthur Oskan Remix)
4. NTFO 'Pendos'
5. PABLO EINZIG feat. Jan Blomqvist 'Hummingbird'
6. NORMAN HOOD 'Too Close'
7. MASAYA 'Ganas'    
8. FABIO GIANNELLI 'Maintain' (Just Be Deep Mix)
9. DOUGLAS GREED 'The Rainfall'
10. RIVA STARR feat. Rssll 'Absence' (Guti Remix)
11. DANIEL DEXTER feat. Geraldine Roth 'Night Away'
12. MARTIN PATINO 'Freedom Is The Answer'
13. REWORK 'It's Fun You Know'
14. FRENCH FRIES 'White Screen'
15. SANTOS RESIAK 'A Better Light' (The Martinez Brothers Remix)
16. D-NOX & BECKERS 'Eclipse'
17. DANIEL AVERY 'Drone Logic'