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Connectivism is described as a "theory of personal learning."  It appears to be the clarion call of the digital age. In a more expansive way, experiencing that 'learning' should happen across different networks.  Learning as a concept exists within community and how you engage that community while utilizing 'the new' tools that exist to facilitate open learning, is a indicator of how well the process is working.  How we treat our experience across different web platforms and employ new media tools is also a good gauge for how well we are connecting. Well, maybe. Using the digital world to organize your life, populate your personal learning space and coordinate scattered remants of information, gets it done, right?....aaah so simple. But wait; not so fast. 


Simply having the tools doesn't automatically put you in 'wonk' sphere. Without knowledge of how to use them you are indeed lost in the digital space.  You have to aggregate, curate,  be better streamlined to become a more efficient user

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, juandoming