Don’t use a 2.0 technology in a 1.0 way | Distance Ed Archive |

“And that's the grand dilemma of social networking: it's intended to allow participation, to let companies and individuals all engage and interact, but a...


As we have progressed, not only in our use of technology but also our understanding of effective leadership, we know that communication includes effective talking but, more importantly, listening. Being able to hear what is being said from those we serve is extremely important to how we develop our schools, and the conversation is extremely valuable. Yet, many schools and organizations use social media in the old fashion: sharing information but not having a conversation. In reality, just because you have ears doesn’t mean you are listening.



NOTE: Moving from print to web, we used to talk about "shovelware" which was just pasting word processing files into web pages. This article explores how new tech processes are slowly diffused to do what they are intended too. We need to consider the unintended consequences and uses of these new tools as well."

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