Top 10 Learning Tools – 2012 | Distance Ed Archive |

"Are you familiar with the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT) annual “Top 100 Tools for Learning” project? Led by Jane Hart, this is a collaborative effort in which learning professionals all over the world submit their top 10 tools for the year. This year more than 500 submissions were included.


I’ve contributed to the project over the last several years, but having missed the deadline for the latest list, I thought I’d go ahead and post my thoughts here. As a blogger, freelance instructional designer, and adjunct online instructor, these are the 10 tools that have been the most helpful to me over the past year (in no particular order)" -- from source:

NOTE: While the top ten tools are applications and services that many of us use already, Dr. Venable, an Instructional Designer among other talents, presents brief rationale for each of her top ten picks. She also points to the C4LPT list of "Top 100 Tools for Learning." This is worth a look. While you're on her site, have a look at her "About" page for more information of her work and interests.