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"I (Howard Rheingold) also discovered, through a co-learner in a Rheingold U class, about "Paragogy" -- the nascent theory of peer to peer pedagogy. The co-learner, Charles Danoff, wrote a paper about it with Joseph Corneli: Paragogy: Synthesizing Individual and Organizational Learning. Searching on the word "paragogy" reveals more resources -- but not so many that they can't be surveyed quickly. The field is just beginning to grow.

I've been invited to deliver the 2011 Regents' Lecture at University of California, Berkeley. I intend to expand the paragogy universe by instigating a peer-created guide to pure peer-to-peer learning. I'm calling it "peeragogy." While "paragogy" is more etymologically correct, "peeragogy" is self-explanatory. In my lecture, I'll explain the evolution of my own pedagogy and reveal some of what I've discovered in the world of online self-organized learning. Then I will invite volunteers to join me in a two week hybrid of face-to-face seminars and online discussion. Can we self-organize our research, discover, summarize, and prioritize what is known through theory and practice, then propose, argue, and share a tentative resource guide for peeragogical groups? In theory, those who use our guide to pursue their own explorations can edit the guide to reflect new learning.

It's not exactly a matter of making my own role of teacher obsolete. If we do this right, I'll learn more about facilitating others to self-organize learning."