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The 12 Trends That Will Rule Products In 2013

The 12 Trends That Will Rule Products In 2013 | Distance Ed Archive | Scoop.it

"Near the end of 2012, a group of us at Ziba got together to review what we’d learned over the course of the year. Working with dozens of clients who serve customers around the world, we designers spend a lot of time observing people as they interact with technology, services, and experiences, noticing how they seek solutions to everyday problems and make decisions. In the process, certain patterns emerge so forcefully that they’re practically unavoidable.


Meeting over three sessions spread out over a week, 23 Zibites (designers, researchers, and creative directors) discussed the patterns we’d seen, and distilled them down to the 12 insights we thought were most current and useful, to us and to our clients. Each one is presented here, as a brief essay that suggests how it will affect business practices in 2013, and as an illustration created by one of Ziba’s designers." - from Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com

ghbrett's curator insight, February 26, 2013 11:55 AM

This article is a really good read because the twelve insights are not just about design, retail or marketing. They deal with services and innovation. I believe this article will be relevant to people in education, training, innovation,and tinkering.


The twelve insight titles are below. Each includes a brief description, some have graphics to support the insight.
1. The Mind Is A Competitive Environment.
2. Customer-Facing Employees Are Your Brain And Your Backbone.
3. Analog Will Never Go Away.
4. Worth Is Determined By Philosophy, Not Price.
5. Narrative Is A Delivery Vehicle To Make Information Stick.
6. Repair And Repurpose Are The New Killer Apps.
7. Technology Moves Too Fast To Care About.
8. Flawless Function Is Tomorrow’s Great User Experience.
9. Brand Loyalty Is How We Escape Decision Fatigue.
10. Human Interaction Has Never Been More Precious.
11. Gen Y Is Creating Its Own Service Economy
12. Everyone Is A Specialist.


As you can see there is a mix of focal points. As I said before from service to objects. From story telling, training, collaborating, to designing, making and repurposing stuff.

My Thanks to Ziba for this insightful article. [ http://www.ziba.com ]

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Silicon Valley Firm To Help UVA Expand Online Courses : NPR

Published Date: July 17, 2012
Source: NPR Morning Edition transcript
URL: http://www.npr.org/2012/07/17/156891653/silicon-valley-firm-to-help-uva-expand-online-courses

Title: (MOOCs) Silicon Valley Firm To Help UVA Expand Online Courses

"NPRs Claudio Sanchez: "SANCHEZ: In fact, not one of the 16 institutions that Coursera has signed up till now offers academic credit or a degree. Instead, students receive a certificate for completing courses that can last anywhere from four to 12 weeks. Coursera today enrolls 690,000 people in 190 countries and those numbers are growing.

The Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors, who thus far have put more than $22 million into the operation, believe they can make lots of money down the road.

The University of Virginia's vice provost Milton Adams says this is not just about money, for UVA it's a chance to join the ranks of institutions that are using technology to help democratize higher education around the world.
In a statement, UVA president Teresa Sullivan said: There are still many unknowns concerning online teaching. But this partnership will in no way diminish the value of a UVA. Degree - rather it will enhance its brand." -- from the Source

The Source is an NPR Morning Edition transcription. The original audio is available at this URL too.


I note with interest President Sullivan uses the words Degree and Brand in the closing remarks. Branding of Academic Institutions seems to be as important as their contribution to the traditional ideals of "increasing the body of knowledge" or "preparing the future leaders and contributors to a better society."

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