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When I first investigated Open Badges, I could see how it could be implemented and earned myself a couple of test badges online via but at the time the process for issuing badges was a bit daunting. Last Saturday I attended a Computers At School Scotland session hosted by Doug Belshaw where he explained that badges could now be issued using a WordPress plugin, WPBadger. I installed WPBadger on this blog following these instructions and then these instructions, and created and uploaded a simple PNG badge. From there I was able to issue my badge to anyone with a valid email address. As our school website is also built using WordPress, in theory we would be able to issue badges from there although as things stand I don’t think the current version of WPBadger is really suited to the kind of scale that would be required in a secondary school. An alternative is to use, which is probably easier to set up but still doesn’t seem as though it could cope be easily used with a large number of badges and awards.

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